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Deadly Halloween Party Ideas

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

It’s going to be one deadly affair…may the weak beware!  Halloween is just around the corner, which means now is the time to start browsing for the perfect Halloween party invitation for your adult Halloween party!  As you begin thinking about your annual Halloween bash, we know you’ll want to make it an all-out spooktacular event that everyone will enjoy!

One of the coolest parts of our job here at is speaking with our customers every day and hearing all the great party ideas they have!  One of our CS reps was talking to a customer this morning who was planning her own Halloween party and chose this spooky Halloween invitation on the left, which is the Catacombes de Paris invitation by Noteworthy Collections.  This invitation was actually created from a painting in the designer’s house!  It’s downright creepy, featuring a decaying skull laying on a pile of bones with a crisp black background and an orange outer border.  Why so perfect for her party, you ask?  This amazing customer had the GREAT idea to buy plastic skeletons from her local party store and rip them apart.  At her party she plans on scattering and hiding the bones in the woods just beyond her residence and then breaking her guests up into teams.  The team that completes an entire skeleton first, wins!  Sounds like a fun Halloween scare to me!

Need some cool party tips?  Below are some fun ideas to keep your guests coming year after year – they wouldn’t dare not return!

-Contact ghosts from our past – Break out the old Ouija Board and see who visits your party from the other side!

-Create your own creepy cocktail – Do your research before your guests arrive and concoct your own monster cocktails that look just chilling to drink!

-Dress up – Remember how much fun it was as a kid dressing up for Halloween?  Ask your guests to come in full costume, or dress as part of your own Halloween theme

-Add a little mystery – Create a murder mystery theme and ask your guests to play the part of their costume as you try to discover who the murderer is in the goup

-Go out – Meet at a convenient location and start your party out at a haunted house or corn maze.  Then let the festivities continue when you return home.

-Spook your guests – Convene with one of your guests prior to party time and have them run into the party in costume, with a fake chainsaw (without the blade).  See who runs the fastest or screams the loudest after that one!

Share your Halloween party ideas with us and let us know how you made your last Halloween bash one they wouldn’t dare to forget!