Murder Mystery Party Invitations & Ideas

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.” – Sherlock Holmes

Tired of the same old Halloween party year after year?  Why not spice things up this Halloween season and ditch the old “come over and party” idea for a murder mystery party instead!  A customer placed an order for a murder mystery birthday dinner party and I couldn’t help but wish I was attending a party like that for Halloween!  A murder mystery party can be held at any time of year, however being that Halloween is right around the corner, it’s a great way to allow your guests to still come in costume and character and participate in a unique party theme that they probably have never took part in.

Murder mystery parties are very popular right now, and believe it or not, I actually found a few companies out there that specialize in helping you create your murder mystery event.  Some sell murder mystery party planning kits, which make plotting your party’s murder even better, (and easier)!  I even found a website,, that has a built-in RSVP website as part of the murder mystery kit, which makes planning your even even easier.

If you’re thinking of planning your own murder mystery party, we have some tips for you to make sure it’s a success:

-Invite guests that are the life of the party – the more outgoing the guests, the more fun the murder mystery will be!

-Make sure the host is well informed and can keep the murder mystery theme going throughout the entire party – ask for help if you need it and have a few people in on the murder mystery

-If you don’t want to do scripts, you can let your guests pick their own characters

-Make sure clues are obvious for guests to find, but not overly easy to figure out – create balance

-Make it more fun by choosing a time period for your murder mystery, (the 20’s and 50’s are the most popular – and spooky)!

-Have a prize for the last person standing, or the person who figures out the murderer in the group

Remember that planning a murder mystery takes a bit of time and the participation of your guests.  You’ll want to send your murder mystery party invitations well in advance, (think 6-8 weeks ahead) so that you can receive your RSVP’s and make plans for the evenings festivities and deadly events!  The party will only work if you have enough guests to participate, however we don’t suggest any more than twenty guests, as things can get a bit confusing, or the party theme can get lost in all of the hype.

Looking for the perfect murder mystery invitation to set the theme?  To go along with our crime scene tape at the top of our blog, we have one amazing murder mystery invite by Noteworthy Collections that is extremely popular for murder mystery events.  It features an eerie white chalk drawing of a murder victim, who is lying below crime scene tape!  Pair it with a matching reply card and party favor sticker and create a murder mystery even that they won’t be able to forget.

Warning: your murder mystery party may just become a party-favorite…once you host one it might start a big trend, or your guests may be asking you to host one every year for Halloween!

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