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Gender Reveal Baby Shower Invitations & Ideas

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Boy or girl, which will it be?  Join us at the shower for the reveal and you will see!

Personally I think this is one of the coolest baby shower and pregnancy ideas out there – the gender revealing baby shower!  This means both the mom and dad-to-be keep the gender of their baby a secret until their baby shower.  When they go to the ultrasound to determine the sex of their baby, the parents-to-be ask the doctor not to reveal the sex of the baby, but instead to put it inside a sealed envelope, that they in-turn give to their baby shower host.

The sex of the baby is kept a secret until the baby shower, when it is revealed to all guests, including the parents-to-be.  The most popular way of revealing the baby’s gender is by using cake icing, like this adorable cupcake which features a white question mark made in frosting and has blue filling on the inside, signifying that the parents-to-be are going to be having a baby boy.  I have also seen this done with frosting layers inside the cake – just make sure that there’s no inside filling peeking out on the cake platter!  Another idea is to keep it a secret until the shower, and when the guests walk in, they will be greeted by traditional pink or blue decorations, indicating whether or not the baby is a boy or a girl.

Want to see how it’s been done before, (grab a tissue, ladies)?  Check out this amazing video from Pinterest and Youtube, which shows two delighted parents-to-be finding out the gender of their twins:  Twins Gender Reveal Shower

Thinking about planning a gender reveal baby shower?  How could you not, after watching the amazing video from the link above?!  Our gender neutral baby shower invitations are perfect for your gender reveal shower, and we even have a few gender reveal baby shower invitations that are made specifically for your unique baby shower idea!  Choose the gender reveal cake invitation from Paper so Pretty, which features a half blue/half pink cake and some adorable wording ideas for how to word your shower invitation perfectly.  We also have chic and posh gender neutral invitations featuring expecting couples-to-be with non-gender specific accents in green, yellow, teal and purple.  Themes include baby mobiles, cupcakes, airplanes, teddy bears, baby animals, baby toys and more!

Check out some of our favorites below…