The Bride’s Survival Guide for His Bachelor Party

If you are interested in movies at all, you’ve definitely seen The Hangover and Hangover 2, which have instilled and confirmed fear for all brides, whenever they  hear the groom mutter the words, “bachelor party”.  Even if he says it will just be ‘a low-key night out with the guys’, visions of the bachelor party surrounded by strippers, the groom losing his life savings at a poker table in Vegas and finding the groom the next morning with a missing tooth and a tattoo on his face come to mind.

We understand – thinking about the groom’s bachelor party can cause major stress – not just on your own mind but it sometimes can cause stress on your relationship, which is never a good thing right before your big day!  So just how do you survive?

Trust & Communication – Remember that the bachelor party wouldn’t even be happening if you weren’t planning your upcoming nuptials.  You love this man, and trust him more than anyone else in the planet – if you didn’t, you wouldn’t be getting married.  When you begin your wedding planning, talk to the groom calmly about your bachelorette party and his bachelor party.  Decide what each of you have envisioned and come to an agreement on each night’s events.  If you both know the other person’s expectations and concerns, there should be no surprises.

Come Up With New Ideas – It seems like bachelor parties have always been filmed in the movies and rumored to be all out drinking nights with wild and crazy adventures, and of course, strippers.  But nowadays bridal parties are getting much more creative.  Your groom may decide that he would rather have a whole weekend with the guys, be it on a fishing trip, chartering a yacht, going on a camping trip or playing golf all day out at the local country club.  You can even go a bit more low-key with a paintball fight, a wine or brewery tour or a backyard BBQ.

Don’t Sit At Home Waiting – Since when have you ever been the type to sit at home waiting for a guy?  Never, right?  Well, don’t make any exceptions to that rule on the night of his bachelor party.  Treat yourself to a spa day with girlfriends, go out with a bunch of your best friends for dinner and drinks, (but make sure you don’t crash the bachelor party), or have a movie Marathon, (think four DVD’s of Twilight), with your besties.  The longer you sit there wondering what the groom is out doing, the worse you will feel.

Remember Your Turn – Don’t forget that your turn is next!  He may be going out with the guys tonight, but your bachelorette party is going to be just as good as his bachelor party – if not better, knowing your friends!  Show him the same mature attitude that you’d like him to have when you’re out celebrating with the girls.

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