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Show Off, Party Princess!! Water Marble Nail Art

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Have you been browsing the pages of Instagram and Pinterest lately?  If so, you’ve seen one of the coolest trends in girl world come to life lately – nail art!  I personally follow Rockglam on Instagram, which is where I first noticed this trend taking off – as they put forward their most daring, trendy and fun nail polish art designs that made me want to run to my local drug store to try out!

If you have a tween girl, you know how important it is for her to be the star at her party.  While I was browsing Pinterest for girly party ideas today when Istumbled upon the below nail polish art idea, and I thought this would be the perfect craft or activity to do at your daughter’s next birthday party.  Everyone will be stunned that you’ve come up with this ultra trendy and cool idea, and you can try it out ahead of time on the birthday girl, so that everyone will admire her bold fashion choices, and want to try it for themselves at your party!

The technique you’re looking at above actually has a name – water marbling!  You choose the colors and then follow these easy steps to create your own marble affect on your nails…

You will need:

nail polish (2 colors or more)
tape or cuticle lotion
cotton swab or stick
top coat
craft bowl

1.  Start with a small craft bowl that you don’t mind getting messy and fill it at least half way with water.

2.  Choose your nail polish colors and begin dropping dots of color into the water, one at a time.  You will notice a circular pattern developing.  Do not touch the pattern until you have finished using all of the color you need.

3.  If you are using white, remember that you might have to double up on the drops for this color, especially if it is a thin polish.

4.  Take a bobby pin or a thin stick and make lines in the nail polish water, (almost like you would do when marbling a cake).

5.  Put a ring of tape around your finger, or cuticle lotion, which will prevent the nail polish from sticking to your fingers.

6.  Once you have the design you want, dip your finger into the water and push your nail all the way down, being careful to keep your nail from hitting the bottom of the bowl.

7.  Keep your nail in the water while you use your cotton swab to pull the excess nail polish design away from your finger.

8.  Pull your finger out of the water and use a makeup brush dipped in nail polish remover to take off any unwanted nail polish on your hands.

9.  Put two clear top coats onto your design.

10.  Repeat!

Did you try out this fun nail polish idea to coordinate your nails with your party dress?

Show us your nail polish designs!