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Spoil Your Pup with Pet Gifts – It’s National Dog Week!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

It’s National Dog Week…how will you celebrate?  Some may take their pup out for an extra walk today, give a few extra doggy treats or treat their dog to a steak bone for dinner?  Or, maybe you’ll be inspired to get a new puppy of your own, (what an exciting idea)!

Believe it or not, National Dog Week began in 1928 by a formal publisher of World Dog Magazine.  I can’t believe they had dog magazines in the 20’s!  The program and celebratory week was created to help educate pet owners on how to care for their furry friend and to communicate pet owner responsibilities as part of the pet community.  National Dog Week is held the fourth week of each September, and it’s a great time to spoil your furry loved one – after all, he is known as “man’s best friend” and certainly a vital family member in your family.

To celebrate National Dog Week, I thought it might be appropriate to dedicate our blog today to all the dogs out there, (and dog owners too)!  You’d think that with a company name like InvitationBox that we’d only have party invitations, but we actually have a special interest in our furry customers, (and their owners), and we offer a complete line of pet gifts and pet products.

If you’re looking to spoil your furry friend, check out our adorable pet placemats which can be personalized with your dog’s name.  They’re vibrant, patterned and themed to coincide with your dog’s special personality – favorites include the “bad to the bone” placemat, princess placemat, animal print placemat in zebra and leopard print or our photo placemats which feature your furry friend’s digital photograph so that there’s no confusion at mealtime.

If you’re looking for party invitations or stationery, we also carry dog return address labels which feature your pet’s photograph and their home address, which are perfect for dog fanatics.  We also have pet birth announcements, pet party invitations and photo pet adoption cards, in case you have a new furry member in your family.

No dog or pet to celebrate this week?  Remember that we also sell My Own Pet Balloons, which are a great gift for that little one who is just dying to get her own puppy, but her family just isn’t ready for that furry addition just yet.  Our pet balloons feature a variety of pets and dog breeds which you feel with helium.  They have weighted feet and even come with a leash so that your child can walk their pet all around the house and yard, just like a real pet.

Check out some of our favorite pet products below and celebrate your favorite puppy this week for National Dog Week!