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Deadly Halloween Party Ideas

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

It’s going to be one deadly affair…may the weak beware!  Halloween is just around the corner, which means now is the time to start browsing for the perfect Halloween party invitation for your adult Halloween party!  As you begin thinking about your annual Halloween bash, we know you’ll want to make it an all-out spooktacular event that everyone will enjoy!

One of the coolest parts of our job here at is speaking with our customers every day and hearing all the great party ideas they have!  One of our CS reps was talking to a customer this morning who was planning her own Halloween party and chose this spooky Halloween invitation on the left, which is the Catacombes de Paris invitation by Noteworthy Collections.  This invitation was actually created from a painting in the designer’s house!  It’s downright creepy, featuring a decaying skull laying on a pile of bones with a crisp black background and an orange outer border.  Why so perfect for her party, you ask?  This amazing customer had the GREAT idea to buy plastic skeletons from her local party store and rip them apart.  At her party she plans on scattering and hiding the bones in the woods just beyond her residence and then breaking her guests up into teams.  The team that completes an entire skeleton first, wins!  Sounds like a fun Halloween scare to me!

Need some cool party tips?  Below are some fun ideas to keep your guests coming year after year – they wouldn’t dare not return!

-Contact ghosts from our past – Break out the old Ouija Board and see who visits your party from the other side!

-Create your own creepy cocktail – Do your research before your guests arrive and concoct your own monster cocktails that look just chilling to drink!

-Dress up – Remember how much fun it was as a kid dressing up for Halloween?  Ask your guests to come in full costume, or dress as part of your own Halloween theme

-Add a little mystery – Create a murder mystery theme and ask your guests to play the part of their costume as you try to discover who the murderer is in the goup

-Go out – Meet at a convenient location and start your party out at a haunted house or corn maze.  Then let the festivities continue when you return home.

-Spook your guests – Convene with one of your guests prior to party time and have them run into the party in costume, with a fake chainsaw (without the blade).  See who runs the fastest or screams the loudest after that one!

Share your Halloween party ideas with us and let us know how you made your last Halloween bash one they wouldn’t dare to forget!

Creepy Cake Pops to Spook Up Your Halloween Party

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

I’m going to admit it, (rather proudly, I might say)…I have become obsessed with cake pops.  They are the smallest, yummiest treat you can serve at a party, and not only do they look great displayed on your party table, they are also pretty easy to make!  My first cake pop experience was from my boss, when he brought in an assortment of cake pops from Starbucks after a busy week of long hours at work.  Being the avid baker I am, I kept thinking – this is gonna be huge – and it has truly taken off!

If you haven’t sinked your teeth into a cake pop just yet, it’s time you broke into the cake pop revolution!  I made my first batch of cake pops a few weeks ago for a 40th anniversary party that we were hosting, and not only did they come out tasting great, they really made a great focal point in our party area.  Being that it was an adult anniversary party, I made german chocolate cake with german chocolate frosting and then dipped the cake balls into white and dark chocolate.  Toppings were crushed pecans, toasted coconut and wedding themed/colored sprinkles to add a little dazzle.  The cake pops were a hit and not only did the adults eat them, but even the kids wanted to eat them too, which was surprising with all of the mature-tasting toppings.  It’s also a great way to make a little food go a long way!  Moist, rich little bites is all you need!

Feeling inspired?  If you’re planning a Halloween party this year, consider ditching the typical cupcake arrangement, which is messy to eat and takes up a lot of room, and switch things up a bit with some creepy cake pops to spook your guests.  You can turn your cake pops into creepy little purple monsters, like you see in the top left portion of our blog, (courtesy of bakerella and, or you can create your own creepy cake pop idea based on your Halloween costume or a favorite Halloween icon.  My ideas?  Eye ball cake pops made with white chocolate and red drizzle for bloodshot eyes, green monster cake pops with candycorn arms, black cats, orange pumpkins or maybe even bats clinging to  the outside of the cake pop.

Make an impression at your next Halloween party and share with us your feedback from your guests!  Or better yet…share with us the recipe!

NEW Doc Milo Holiday Party Invitations & Greeting Cards

Monday, September 10th, 2012

It was fifty-seven degrees outside this morning when I hopped in my car for work – hooray for the start of the fall season!  Wearing long sleeves daily seems like a thing of the past with how hot our Spring and Summer seasons were here in North Carolina, and we’re gladly welcoming the cooler weather, (and hoping it stays)!

With the colder weather on it’s way, it’s very appropriate to let our readers and dedicated customers know that we introduced brand new product to our website this weekend, just in time for the beginning of the holiday season!  We’re talking about the Doc Milo holiday collection of holiday party invitations and photo holiday greeting cards, of course!

Trendy, chic and sassy as ever, the new collection of Doc Milo holiday party invitations features one of a kind designs for the posh or couture customer or holiday couple.  Designs feature holiday friends celebrating, swanky runway girls dressed for the holidays (or as one of Santa’s reindeer), holiday couples dressed in full-fashion about to trim a tree as well as holiday cocktail themes.  There’s also New Years party invitations in case you’re planning a party for the new year.  My favorite invitation this year was previewed this weekend on our facebook page, which is a really fun invitation which is made to look like a cocktail napkin for your holiday party.

Doc Milo holiday greeting cards are also available with digital photographs turned into contemporary masterpieces with one of a kind font combinations, colors, patterns and decor, all made with a modern flare.  Doc Milo has provided the amazing new festive designs, and all you have to do is add your gorgeous child’s photograph and your holiday signature, and you’ll have one festive greeting card during the holidays, for family and friends.  Patterns feature damask, striped, polka dotted, quilted, chevron striped, plaid and floral blossomed designs.

All of the brand new designs feature patterned, swanky and saucy backgrounds that coordinate with the front of the card – so whatever way your guests hold your invitation, they have a fully coordinated piece.  I wasn’t going to host a holiday party this year, but after seeing these adorable invitations, I think I just might.  Take a look at some of the amazing designs below and see what holiday party you can dream up!

Football is Here – Football Stamps, Stationery & Gifts

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

Are you ready for some football?!?! If you’re a huge NFL fan, you can’t wait for the workday to finish so that you can get to the local bar or your couch in front of your big screen TV to catch the first official NFL game of the season – the Giants vs. the Cowboys – which starts at 8:30 PM EST tonight at MetLife Stadium.  From our blog picture today, you can see what colors I bleed…but all in all, it’s just an exciting time for all of us NFL nuts as we make our journey back into football season – the best time of the year!

How do you support your favorite football team on game day?  Maybe it’s getting together with a meetup group at the bar, having a BBQ with friends in the backyard and projecting the game onto the side of your house or sitting in your man-cave having a few beers and yelling at the TV screen.  At InvitationBox, we are huge football fans, from Giants fans to Saints fans to Miami Dolphin fans – we’re with you with cheering our team on each football Sunday.  In light of this enthusiasm, I thought I might share with our readers a glimpse of our football collection today, which goes way beyond the realm of football invitations!

One of my favorite football gifts that we offer is our football custom self-inking stamp and our football helmet self-inking stamp by Noteworthy Collections.  You can choose your own wording for the outside of the stamps, “Go GIANTS”, and then elect to add colored ink pads to show off your team colors.  For college football fans, we offer locker room frames for all of the most popular college football teams, which feature your name as part of the football team jerseys.  If you’re hosting a football block party, we’ve got you covered with football, beer and BBQ designer paper, which easily prints on your home printer onto 8.5 x 11 inch sheets.  If you’ve got a football fan in the family, be sure to also check out our football stationery line which features football return address labels, football themed thank you notes and even graduation announcements and invitations for that high school quarterback!

So…are you ready for football season?  If so, break out your old football jersey, your lucky socks and your football appetizer bowl and get ready for some good old fashioned American football entertainment tonight – let the games begin!


Fall Trends – Fashion, Clothing & Stationery

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day weekend and holiday!  Who is ready to be back at work today in full-swing?  My headache set in right as I walked out the door this morning – welcome back to reality!  The good thing is that  the fall is quickly on it’s way, and we have so many amazing holidays, parties and cool-weather events and activities to look forward to!

You know that old golden rule – no white after Labor day – so hopefully you’re not breaking that rule today!  But what exactly IS the “IT” thing, style or fashion for fall 2012?  After the New York Fashion Week the fashion Gods have spoken!  According to Harper’s Bazaar reports, Grandma’s closet will be one of your essential shopping places this fall, with fall fashion trends leaning toward a vibrant mix of lace, floral prints, tweed, scarves and shawls.  Vintage will be popular as always, and you may even see the comeback of the flare pant this fall season!

Colors will be bright bold and cool with hues of hunter green, royal blue, black and white and plum.  Over-sized clothing will be popular when paired with a tight contrasting piece.  School fashion will be popular again this season, from perky plaids to vintage rebellion.  Gothic trends are also big this season with all black outfits and even the use of leather.  Black no longer has to mean that you’re dark.  Drag out that old cloak or cape that you had hidden in your closet to, or maybe even borrow one from mom before heading out to shop in the cool weather.

Ever wonder where the inspiration for our party invitations, stationery items and wedding themes comes from?  Well, there you have it – our design experts closely watch fashion trends just like you do, however instead of adding lace, tweed and a hit of hunter to our wardrobe, you’ll find these patterns, details and colors accenting our latest fall invitation and stationery lines…from lace accents to swirling or ruffled screened background with damask and filigree prints.  Preppy tartan plaid borders will be festive in our fall holiday collection, as well as deep dark card stocks for fall.  Stay tuned for all of the brand new holiday cards to hit our website this month – more and more holiday party invitations, stationery and holiday cards are uploaded each week!