Contacting Spirits this Halloween? Ouija Board Invitations

Thinking of conjuring up the dead this Halloween?  One of my most fun memories as a child was playing with the ouija board during my big sister’s sleepovers.  We’d stay up as late as possible and when the “witching hour” hit, we would drag out the ouija board and be amazed when the plastic planchette moved under our fingertips!  We’d gasp as it started moving asking the person across from us if they were moving it.  I think we even had a specific “ghost” that would always reach out to us when we played the game.

So many theories have surrounded the ouija board, which actually dates back to the 1800’s!   The question becomes, is it your subconscious moving the planchette across the board to give you answers to your questions, or is it an actual ghost or spirit?  The thought is that you channel a spirit through the board, be it someone you deliberately try to contact, or a ghost that is trying to make contact with the living to deliver a message.  Some theorists think that it is actually possible to contact the dead or spirits this way.  Others believe that it is your subconscious making the planchette move and answer you with things that are in your imagination.

What do you think? You know what I think? Whether it’s real or not, it makes a great activity at your upcoming Halloween party! We even have a ouija board inspired Halloween party invitation that can help you set the scene!  The background of the card, (see top left of our blog), looks just like an actual ouija board with an antique yellowish-tan background and black sun and moon markings in the corners.  We arc the text to look the the letters on the ouija board and you can fill in your own creepy details as you ask your guests to join you in contacting spirits on Halloween!  This is one of my favorite Halloween party invitations, and it can make for a really fun activity at your Halloween party.  See if you can contact a famous past celebrity or maybe even Frankenstein himself!  You just never know who you’ll come in contact with.  Real or fake? Who cares…have fun with it!

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