Last Minute Halloween Party Invitations

Have you felt the Halloween panic set in?  You know, when you dream about a mummy chasing you down the street, only to realize when you wake up, the mummy is actually representing the annual Halloween bash you’re having that you haven’t purchased invitations for?  Okay, well maybe that’s not the exact dreams you’re having, however I’m sure that you’ve felt the pressure of Halloween creep up, (no pun intended), as Halloween is just a little over three weeks away!

I thought it might be appropriate to share with our readers today some of our most popular Halloween party invitations this season – and the best part??  They are ALL available with super rush options and upgraded  shipping options so that you can have your invitations in your hand within 1-2 business days!

For kids, the most popular card has to be the Party Creeps, which features three cartoon characters showing Halloween’s favorite icons dressed as a vampire, mummy and Frankenstein dressed to party.  For adults we have the Mr. & Mrs. Frank N. Stein card, which features a posh couple dressed for Halloween while sipping cocktails, as well as the Spirits and Spooks Halloween party invitation which features an array of spooky bubbling and boiling cocktails – perfect for an adult Halloween affair.  If exclusivity is the name of the game, you’ll just die for our Halloween VIP skull party invitation, which features a VIP pass for each of your guests – which will be needed if they dare enter your dark Halloween party!

Check them out below and let us know what you think!  Remember, before adding each Halloween invitation to your shopping cart you can add rush processing or super rush processing, and when you get to the shopping cart, you can always choose to upgrade your shipping.  Nobody likes waiting until the last minute, but if you have waited to the last minute, no worries – you’re not alone in the dark, and we’re happy to help!

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