Halloween Party Food Ideas

Are you the type of hostess who carries her party theme through from the moment your guests opens your Halloween party invitation envelope all the way through to your party decorations, table centerpieces and even the food you offer and display to your guests?  I thought so…(because I am too)!

While browsing through Pinterest and other party planning websites today, I saw so many ideas for Halloween party food and I just had to share.   Below you’ll see some great party ideas for your Halloween party table food spread, and I’ve listed small descriptions below the food inspiration so that you can create the monsterpiece recipes yourself!

Spider Halloween Cupcakes

Super easy and super cute, the folks over at better homes and gardens created this adorable vanilla cupcake which features a chocolate truffle body with red mini m&m eyes and pretzel stick legs.


Witch Hat Cookies

Keebler fudge stripe cookies turned upside down. Squirt orange Wilton tube icing in the center and adorn with a chocolate Hershey’s Kiss!


Pumpkin Ice Cooler

Perfect for holding and chilling your Halloween drinks – create your own ice bucket from a carved pumpkin!


Mummy Dogs

Perfect for food ideas for the little ones, these adorable mummy dogs create a great food spread and feature hot dogs wrapped in shredded crescent roll dough wrapped around the length of the hotdog. Use ketchup and mustard for the eyes to top it off!


Pumpkin Veggie Tray
-babycenter.com blog

The perfect healthy Halloween snack! This pumpkin is created from baby carrots with a cucumber slice mouth, along with three fun dips for the pumpkins eyes and nose. Add a broccoli floret stem and you’re good to go!


Pretzel Goodie Bags

These chocolate covered pretzels are sure to dazzle, and when you combine the colors together, you’ve got a gorgeous fall montage of whites, oranges, yellows and browns. This amazing Halloween chef created chocolate covered pretzels in the color of candy corn, and then dusted them with Halloween colored sprinkles. Pack them in a clear baggie with a Halloween ribbon from your local craft store and you’ve got the perfect party favors for your guests to take home after your Halloween party!


Halloween Candy Centerpiece

Sarah Westbrook created this amazing Halloween centerpiece which features your Halloween favorites inside a clear glass container. From marshmallow ghost and pumpkin peeps to black licorice, candy corn and fall colored gumballs and chewies, you’ve got quite the festive and spooky arrangement. Stick some Halloween lollipops or chocolate covered pretzels in the top for a little swizzle!

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