Edible Place Cards for your Thanksgiving Dinner

Are you scouring the internet, magazines and your great grandmother’s old recipe box for the perfect Thanksgiving recipes already?  If you’ve taken on the task of hosting Thanksgiving this year, and you pride yourself in being a hostess with the mostess, I have a treat for you…and it’s quite sweet!

A couple of years ago I bought the infamous Hello Cupcake book, which offers recipes, directions and ideas for creating the cutest cupcake designs around.  I made these turkey cupcakes one year when I was hosting Thanksgiving dinner for my family, and uniquely enough, they double as the cutest place cards you’ve ever seen!

To be honest, they were a lot of work, however they were so cute that everyone asks me to make them each year, which makes them SO worth the time and effort!  You have to make two sizes of cupcakes, one for the base and the other for the head, and then I used a white frosting with a few melted chocolate chips mixed in to create a light brown turkey body.  Border the cupcake with tan or fall colored sprinkles for feathers, and create that fabulous turkey gizzard with a stretched mini Sweedish Fish!

The feathered cookies are available at most drug stores, believe it or not, and you can attach candy corn onto the fanned cookie to look like feathers.  Glue them on with dots of frosting, of course!  The name at the bottom of the cupcake place holder is actually a Scooby Do0 snack with icing squeezed from a Wilton tube with the thinnest piper available.

Thinking about trying this fabulous place card idea yourself?  Get creative with your place cards this year and be the Thanksgiving star you know that you are.  Warning: creating these fabulous Thanksgiving cupcakes may mean that you’ll be asked to host Thanksgiving again next year!

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