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A Rustic Thanksgiving

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012

A rustic Thanksgiving…I don’t know if it’s the whole southern thing or what, but to me, there’s just something so calming, gorgeous and nostalgic about a rustic table setting for Thanksgiving.  It’s earthy, which takes us back to our roots as we celebrate this thankful day and it’s also meaningful and heartfelt and shows that you took the time to use our natural resources, rather than trying to look flashy.

I took the liberty of creating the above collage for our readers, using some amazing Thanksgiving ideas that gave me a bit of inspiration for my own Thanksgiving dinner party this year.  The twig votive candles were my absolute favorite, along with the hot apple cider served inside cored apples and the apple cranberry tart.  All these amazing ideas surround our Gobble Gobble Chalkboard Invitation, by Noteworthy Collections.  The simple chalkboard-resembling background, which is screened with large tree leaves and the greeting “gobble gobble” is perfectly appropriate for an understated yet nostalgic Thanksgiving dinner.  Check out this invitation and others by clicking here!