Holiday Cocktail Party Invitations & Ideas

I found myself pissed in the Starbucks drive-thru line the other day thinking to myself, ‘I am soooo soooo tired of pumpkin already!’ I couldn’t believe I was already craving the chocolatey and minty goodness that goes along with the Christmas season.  However my thoughts apparently aren’t that crazy, because today is October 25th – which means we are literally TWO MONTHS away from Christmas day!

One of my favorite types of holiday parties to plan is a holiday cocktail party.  They’re fun, festive and the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit, (no pun intended)!  I always plan my holiday parties for a few weeks before Christmas so that more people can attend the party, as it always seems like there’s an office holiday party, family obligation or prior engagement during the December month…and I know nobody will want to miss this unforgettable holiday party.

So what exactly goes into a great holiday cocktail party?  Well first of all, I always try to set the scene with a new holiday party invitation that stands out among the many invitations your guests will receive that month.  Think iconic and festive mixed with a total contemporary flare.  One of my favorite invitations this year is the Claus Cocktail Invitations by Doc Milo.  It’s got a modern grey background along with a zebra print bottom border, (my signature pattern).  A festive couple dressed as Santa and a sultry elf stand on both sides of the card carrying gifts and a festive holiday cocktail with a candy cane swizzle stick.  It’s fun, modern, wild and festive…which is perfect for setting the scene for my event.

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Once the invitations have been sent out, it’s time to deck YOUR halls with everything festive to create an amazing holiday spread that shows off your holiday spirit and creates an unforgettable holiday atmosphere.  Decorate your entrance ways with holiday garland and silver beaded strands.  Make sure your Christmas tree is fully decorated in all of its splendor.  Offer your guests a Christmas cocktail when they enter, like a chocolate martini with a candy cane rimmed glass.  Add a peppermint candy cane to the drink for a unique swizzle.  Plan plenty of holiday food to offer to your guests, from classic Christmas cookies to formal hors d’oeuvres.  Plan a few holiday party games like Sneaky Santa, Oh Christmas Tree or Guess the Christmas Carol.  Ask your guests to come in formal chic holiday attire or heck, maybe just throw in the towel and make it an ugly Christmas sweater party.

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