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Retro Holiday Greeting Cards & Stickers

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Okay well, maybe not yet, but pretty soon it will be! The closer we get to Halloween the closer we get to the amazing holiday season – and retailers are just chomping at the bit to get that store Christmas tree up, and the holiday merchandise off of the shelves.  What trends will we see in the upcoming holiday season?

Well, if you haven’t already noticed while shopping, the 80’s are coming back into style.  You’ve already seen it in retro colored and patterned pants, scrunchies and those awful black sunglasses with the neon sides – who would have thought that our old 80’s gear would be back in-style?  Just a few years ago I was laughing at old pictures of our white Christmas tree which was decorated in hot pink lights – and now I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I kind of wish we had kept it!

Retro is IN this holiday season – so it’s all about the blacks, hot pinks, turquoise blues, lime greens and yellows…and I absolutely love it!  I thought I’d get a jump start on the holiday season and show you one of our cutest holiday card and sticker ensembles by Modern Posh.  The ensemble is called Holly Jolly and features a black background with retro snowflakes and confetti dots, which surround a hot pink Christmas tree.  The back of the card features the ever-popular chevron stripe design in retro colors, as well.  Use the same design with the two holiday stickers offered, which work great for return address labels, holiday gift tags and holiday favor stickers to create a matching ensemble.

In the below inspiration board, you’ll see a few ideas to create your own posh retro holiday decor.  From hot pink Christmas trees and Christmas lights to retro colored bulb ornaments and  vibrant purple star on top, you’re ready for a totally rad holiday season!

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Ideas

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

October is finally here…which means Halloween is near, (I promise I didn’t mean for that to rhyme)!   I think I have fall fever this year, as I was almost more excited to go to the pumpkin patch this weekend than the kids!   After the kids picked out their pumpkins, which we’ll be carving in just a few weeks, we stopped at the grocery store and were totally surprised when we saw glow in the dark pumpkin teeth for sale!  I have never seen glow in the dark pumpkin teeth, thus I was immediately intrigued and couldn’t wait to share the idea with our readers.

The glow in the dark pumpkin teeth come in three different sizes, (tall fangs, small fangs and flat teeth), depending on the look you want to give your pumpkin – or maybe choose a combination of all three.  Each tooth has a jagged edge which are inserted into your carved pumpkin and make sure they don’t come loose.  Take a look at the different kinds they have below, and a master piece that one person created for a totally spooky Halloween decoration!

Not too crazy about the teeth, but looking for something a little bit different this year?  One of my favorite Halloween staples every year are the decorating books sold at drugstores and grocery stores which come with carving tools.  Inside the book you’ll get ten to twenty different ‘pumpkin stencils’ to use to carve your very own pumpkin design – one that looks like it was carved by a professional!  I have done these for the past few years, and everyone always asks how I am so creative, (little do they know, my carving masterpiece came from a stencil in a book)!

Share with us your pumpkin carving tricks, ideas and masterpieces!  We’d love to feature them, or help someone else have a bit of inspiration for their own family pumpkin carving!  I’ll be sure to put up photos of our pumpkin, especially after we add his spooky teeth!