Office Holiday Party Invitations & Ideas

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Or who knows…maybe you could add it to your office holiday party fund to make your office holiday party one they’ll be excited to attend this year!

So what’s the key to planning the perfect office holiday party?  Well, the first thing would be getting everyone to attend.  It seems like office parties are either something that everyone looks forward to attending each year, or it’s the dreaded party that everyone feels like theyhave to attend in order to keep their job…and nobody wants that!  If your office party is typically thrown together at the last minute, everyone at the office will feel the same way – and you know how important it is to make your employees feel valued, especaially during this special and festive time of year.

How do you make your office holiday party an event of the season instead of a tacky mess?  Ditch the old games like holiday bingo and musical office chairs and check out some of our fun office holiday party tips below!

Send out a personalized Office Holiday Party Invitation – Forget about the typical e-vite or 8.5 x 11 inch print-out.  Let your invitation speak for your holiday party with a personalized office holiday party invitation that shows off your holiday spirit and shows off your holiday party theme!  From chic holiday hues to classic holiday icons, your invitations should put your employees into the holiday spirit, as soon as they open the envelope, (feel free to add some holiday confetti to your envelope, too)!

Create an Office Holiday Party Theme – Nobody likes to attend a party that just “is”.  Get people excited about your party and involved with a party theme, from an ugly Christmas sweater party to a white elephant party, a holiday cocktail event or a cookie exchange.

Donate to Charity – In light of the state of our economy, as well as the victims to the horrible storms in the east coast, helping out a charity can be a wonderful idea during the holiday season, as well as people will likely be more than happy to help.  You can put up a Christmas tree and have each ornament be a child in need.  Let each team in the office choose a child to sponsor for the holidays.  Or, collect items or money for a local charity at your holiday party.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt – While you set up for your holiday party, split your office into teams of 5.  Create a holiday scavenger hunt and allow each team one hour to complete their tasks.  When they come back to the office after completing the scavenger hunt, the party will be underway, and your employees will love the office competition!

Christmas Cookie Bake Off – Everyone loves Christmas cookies – and odds are, there’s a few extraordinary cooks hiding in your office!  Host a Christmas cookie bake off and put everyone to the test.  Be sure that each contributor leaves there recipe and let your office-mates vote on the winning cookie!

Give Away Prizes – Everyone likes to win prizes, right?  Set up a “Holiday Wish” box on December 1st, and each time a co-worker does something nice for you, put their name and the nice act onto the ballot.  Then put the ballot into your Holiday Wish box.  At the party, tally up the names in the box and give a nice prize to the winner.  Create door prizes or giveaways with a raffle.  You could give away a VISA gift card, gift cards to a local restaurant or maybe even an iPad!

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with it!  Make your holiday party laid back and give everyone an hour or two break during the day.  Show your employees how important they are to you throughout the entire year – and honor them this holiday season!

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