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Be a Holiday VIP ~ 2012 Holiday Fashions

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Everyone wants to be fashionable for the holidays, whether you’re dressing up for a VIP holiday party or dressing casual for a family gathering or casual holiday party.  I, myself was wondering what the 2012 fashions for the holiday season would be this year, so I did some digging on some of the nation’s most popular fashion blogs and sites, and found the perfect holiday tips for looking your best as you enter that holiday soiree you’ve been planning on attending all season!

Head to toe 2012 holiday fashion tips…

Dress up your hair – Throw out your straightener and try something different this holiday season!  Casual looks are said to be the classic fishtail braid, a pufy bun with a tight hairband or the top knot bun (pictured).  If you’re dressing things up for the holidays, keep it flowy with long waving and curling locks, creating a bit of controlled chaos.  You can also try a slicked back, low-bun style, with a sequin hairband for a elegant yet festive look.

Accessorize – If you’re keeping it casual, dress up your outfit with a large flowing scarf, and add a little “pop” to your outfit with a contrasting color or pattern.  If you’re dressing it up or keeping it simple, you can truly make your outfit stand out by adding some chunky jewelry, from long pendant necklaces to large rings, dangling vintage earrings or bangle bracelets.

Dress to impress – For formal holiday affairs, “fit” is IN this year – no more flowing dresses like last winter – keep your clothes form fitting to show off your fabulous figure.  Try a dress that shows off your natural waist line.  For casual wear, try a cigarette leg jean as opposed to the typically skinny jean and dress it up with a color-blocking sweater which highlights your assets, and hides your flaws.

Leave the house in-style – For outerwear, try a faux-fur coat for a casual look, or a classic trench coat to warm up your holiday outfit.  Sparkling clutches are popular for the elegant holiday affair, along with a classic hobo for a causal look.

Shoes, shoes & more shoes – Dressing from head to toe doesn’t end at your jeans, pants or skirts.  Keep it classy with chunky heels – sparkly heels for holiday parties and chunky heels for everyday wear.