A White Elephant Gift Exchange

White Elephant – noun
1.  a posession unwanted by the owner but difficult to dispose of
2.  a possession entailing great expense out of proportion to its usefulness or value to the owner

We’ve all heard it before…”we purchased a brand new car and it turned out to be a white elephant” or “There’s a white elephant in the room”.  It’s this very circumstance or object that brings our blog today…it’s a white elephant gift exchange party!  If you’re out of ideas for your upcoming holiday party, and you’re tired of the typical Secret Santa event, this fairly new holiday party theme is sure to get the festivities going – especially if you have particularly funny friends who enjoy pranks and well – anything tacky!

So what exactly is a white elephant gift exchange?  Well, we’ve all been there on Christmas day opening presents, when you have that awkward moment when you open a gift from a relative and a pack of dryer balls or an ugly Christmas sweater is inside.  You try to act overjoyed, knowing that you’ll never ever use the gift, unless that relative comes to visit!  A white elephant gift exchange celebrates this moment, and creates it for everyone who attends your party.

The rules:

  1. Send out your white elephant gift exchange invitations about 3-4 weeks before your party.  Make sure your guests are aware that it is a white elephant party.
  2. Ask each guest to bring a wrapped gift with a limit of $10 – $20 – the whole point is that the gift should be tacky, or something rather un-useful.
  3. When your guests arrive, have them pile their wrapped gifts on a large table.
  4. Everyone picks a number from a hat, and number one goes first and chooses a wrapped gift.
  5. Number one unwraps their present.
  6. Number two can then either steal number one’s gift, or choose a new unwrapped gift to unwrap.
  7. This continues all the way until the end, when number one can then steal a gift or keep what they have.

Be sure to take plenty of photos of your guests swapping gifts and marveling over all of the gifts they’ve received.  Need a few gift ideas?  Check out these wild and crazy ideas below…Shake Weight anyone??

beardo ~ beer mustache ~ shake weight ~ lawn gnome ~ book ~ apron ~ slippers

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