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Holiday Calendar Greeting Cards

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

During the holiday season, most businesses take the opportunity to reach out to employees, vendors, associates, clients and customers to thank them for their support over the past year, and send a plethora of holiday wishes.  However if you think about it, you don’t really want to just send a holiday greeting that is limited to the holiday season – why not send a holiday greeting that lasts all year long?

It’s this very sentiment that brings you the holiday calendar greeting card – the best way to reach out to your employees, contacts and customers throughout each month of the year.  Calendar greeting cards feature tri-panel cards which showcase a wall calendar of the 2013 year and most popular calendar holidays.   You can add your holiday message, company name and even corporate logo to the bottom of the card, so that your recipient will see your name on their wall, all 365 days of the year – pretty smart, right?

Our favorite and most popular calendar greeting cards feature holiday designs which celebrate the festive season, along with American pride, worldly peace and the holiday spirit.  Choose from damask designs like the one above to American flags, globes, flags of our world’s nations, seasons, holiday ornaments, peace doves and more!