Holiday Digital Photo Greeting Cards

‘Tis the season for spreading joy and greetings to others!  Each year I look forward to opening my mailbox to see what is inside during the months of November – January.  There’s my cousin’s annual photo holiday card which showcases a picture of the kids posing for the holidays – and each year I can’t believe how much they have grown.  Or, there’s my friend from the west coast that sends a photo holiday card each year, while enclosing an annual holiday letter catching us up on her life and family over the past year.  It’s so nice to see the mailbox filled with these festive greetings rather than a pile of bills, like the rest of the year!

At InvitationBox, we have truly turned our focus to digital photo holiday cards this year, and we have so many cute, modern and sassy designs, I have no idea which one I’ll be choosing for my annual holiday card this year.  How will you choose?  Some let the perfect holiday card design dictate which family photo they will take or choose, and others let the photo do the talking, and simply look for a holiday card design that will accentuate the great photo they have – it’s up to you!

You’ll catch a bit of holiday spirit from our holiday greeting card inspiration board below, and you’ll see some of the brand new designs that we’re offering!  The most popular cards this year are digital photo, rather than the traditional self-adhered photo card.  Using your photo as the main background of the card is also very popular, where the photo actually bleeds right off the edge.  You’ll also see more modern color designs this year, veering off of the traditional holiday reds and greens – opt for something merry & bright instead, like one of these designs below…

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