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Luxury Holiday Greeting Cards

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

‘Tis the season to be over-the-top merry, in everything you do.  We all try to be conscious of our spending throughout the year, but it seems like the holiday season is the one time during the year that we bend out wallets out a bit and go over-the-top with spending, decorating and gift giving.

One of the coolest things about InvitationBox is that we have products for all budgets from small to normal, all the way to no budget at all.  And today’s inspiration board showcases our luxury holiday greeting cards – greeting cards – items that are over-the-top in paper quality, printing, assembly, accents and presentation – because you deserve the best, and so do your recipients.  Our most luxurious holiday greeting cards are from William Arthur and Checkerboard, two widely known vendors for their high quality papers and printing processes in matte digital, thermography (raised) print and engraving.

Catch a peek at some of these two vendor’s most exciting and luxurious designs of the season, with simple accents to fun embellishments with ribbons, sleigh bells, snowflake strings, marshmallows and more!

mistletoe ~ sleigh ~ garland ~ pine cones ~ pizelles