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Be a Holiday VIP ~ 2012 Holiday Fashions

Wednesday, November 7th, 2012

Everyone wants to be fashionable for the holidays, whether you’re dressing up for a VIP holiday party or dressing casual for a family gathering or casual holiday party.  I, myself was wondering what the 2012 fashions for the holiday season would be this year, so I did some digging on some of the nation’s most popular fashion blogs and sites, and found the perfect holiday tips for looking your best as you enter that holiday soiree you’ve been planning on attending all season!

Head to toe 2012 holiday fashion tips…

Dress up your hair – Throw out your straightener and try something different this holiday season!  Casual looks are said to be the classic fishtail braid, a pufy bun with a tight hairband or the top knot bun (pictured).  If you’re dressing things up for the holidays, keep it flowy with long waving and curling locks, creating a bit of controlled chaos.  You can also try a slicked back, low-bun style, with a sequin hairband for a elegant yet festive look.

Accessorize – If you’re keeping it casual, dress up your outfit with a large flowing scarf, and add a little “pop” to your outfit with a contrasting color or pattern.  If you’re dressing it up or keeping it simple, you can truly make your outfit stand out by adding some chunky jewelry, from long pendant necklaces to large rings, dangling vintage earrings or bangle bracelets.

Dress to impress – For formal holiday affairs, “fit” is IN this year – no more flowing dresses like last winter – keep your clothes form fitting to show off your fabulous figure.  Try a dress that shows off your natural waist line.  For casual wear, try a cigarette leg jean as opposed to the typically skinny jean and dress it up with a color-blocking sweater which highlights your assets, and hides your flaws.

Leave the house in-style – For outerwear, try a faux-fur coat for a casual look, or a classic trench coat to warm up your holiday outfit.  Sparkling clutches are popular for the elegant holiday affair, along with a classic hobo for a causal look.

Shoes, shoes & more shoes – Dressing from head to toe doesn’t end at your jeans, pants or skirts.  Keep it classy with chunky heels – sparkly heels for holiday parties and chunky heels for everyday wear.

Cookie Exchange Party Invitations & Ideas

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012

One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is baking Christmas cookies.  It’s something my mother, grandmother and I did when I was a child each Christmas, and just getting out the rolling pin takes me back!  My favorite cookies had to be the Santa’s Whiskers, Holiday Snowball Nuggets and Chocolate Chip Cookies, of course!  What were some of your favorites?

It’s the thought of Christmas cookies that sparked the ignition for a Cookie Exchange party.  If you’ve never been to one, or you’re out of ideas for your holiday party this year, a cookie exchange is a great place to start!  The rules of a cookie exchange are fairly simple…

The Perfect Cookie Exchange

1.  Ask your guests to bring their favorite homemade cookies to your party (they must be homemade)

2.  Ask each guest to bring 2 dozen cookies (all the same kind)

3.  Be original and fun – encourage your guests to steer away from the traditional chocolate chip or no-bake cookie and try something different

4.  Be sure to have plates ready, or have your guests bring their own plates and keep it festive

5.  Have each guest email their recipe ahead of time, and print up recipe cards for each guest’s cookies, which guests can take home

6.  Mail out the perfect cookie exchange party invitations

7.  Ask your guests to arrive in fun, festive Christmas attire

8.  Share one dozen of the cookies with the party group and keep the other dozen packaged – at the end of the party, everyone can take home one dozen of their favorite cookies

9.  Make your party extra fun by creating a contest and vote on the group’s favorite cookie – winner gets a holiday prize

Need a bit of Christmas cookie inspiration?  Get a little inspiration from the collage below and then  GET READY…GET SET  &  BAKE !!!!!

Office Holiday Party Invitations & Ideas

Monday, November 5th, 2012

National Holiday Stationery Month kicks it’s first full week into gear today!  This means four full weeks of non-stop promotions, tip and products to make your holiday festively special!  Today we kick off Holiday Party Invitation week, which features a 20% discount off all holiday party invitations, {promo code: PARTY20}, along with our free shipping on orders of $100 or more!  Even better than that?  Each day this week (Monday – Friday) we will be giving away a $200 VISA gift card to one lucky customer!  Each time you order you will be entered into the drawing.  Just imagine – how would $200 extra in your wallet change your holiday?  Maybe you’d be able to buy a few extra presents for the kids, maybe you’d pay off one of those extra bills you’ve been putting off, or maybe you’d make a donation to a local charity.

Or who knows…maybe you could add it to your office holiday party fund to make your office holiday party one they’ll be excited to attend this year!

So what’s the key to planning the perfect office holiday party?  Well, the first thing would be getting everyone to attend.  It seems like office parties are either something that everyone looks forward to attending each year, or it’s the dreaded party that everyone feels like theyhave to attend in order to keep their job…and nobody wants that!  If your office party is typically thrown together at the last minute, everyone at the office will feel the same way – and you know how important it is to make your employees feel valued, especaially during this special and festive time of year.

How do you make your office holiday party an event of the season instead of a tacky mess?  Ditch the old games like holiday bingo and musical office chairs and check out some of our fun office holiday party tips below!

Send out a personalized Office Holiday Party Invitation – Forget about the typical e-vite or 8.5 x 11 inch print-out.  Let your invitation speak for your holiday party with a personalized office holiday party invitation that shows off your holiday spirit and shows off your holiday party theme!  From chic holiday hues to classic holiday icons, your invitations should put your employees into the holiday spirit, as soon as they open the envelope, (feel free to add some holiday confetti to your envelope, too)!

Create an Office Holiday Party Theme – Nobody likes to attend a party that just “is”.  Get people excited about your party and involved with a party theme, from an ugly Christmas sweater party to a white elephant party, a holiday cocktail event or a cookie exchange.

Donate to Charity – In light of the state of our economy, as well as the victims to the horrible storms in the east coast, helping out a charity can be a wonderful idea during the holiday season, as well as people will likely be more than happy to help.  You can put up a Christmas tree and have each ornament be a child in need.  Let each team in the office choose a child to sponsor for the holidays.  Or, collect items or money for a local charity at your holiday party.

Holiday Scavenger Hunt – While you set up for your holiday party, split your office into teams of 5.  Create a holiday scavenger hunt and allow each team one hour to complete their tasks.  When they come back to the office after completing the scavenger hunt, the party will be underway, and your employees will love the office competition!

Christmas Cookie Bake Off – Everyone loves Christmas cookies – and odds are, there’s a few extraordinary cooks hiding in your office!  Host a Christmas cookie bake off and put everyone to the test.  Be sure that each contributor leaves there recipe and let your office-mates vote on the winning cookie!

Give Away Prizes – Everyone likes to win prizes, right?  Set up a “Holiday Wish” box on December 1st, and each time a co-worker does something nice for you, put their name and the nice act onto the ballot.  Then put the ballot into your Holiday Wish box.  At the party, tally up the names in the box and give a nice prize to the winner.  Create door prizes or giveaways with a raffle.  You could give away a VISA gift card, gift cards to a local restaurant or maybe even an iPad!

Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with it!  Make your holiday party laid back and give everyone an hour or two break during the day.  Show your employees how important they are to you throughout the entire year – and honor them this holiday season!

A Holiday Baby Shower

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

Bells will be ringing this holiday season – but not for Santa!  This year her gift doesn’t come in the form of a box, it comes in a bundle of joy – because she’s having a Christmas baby!  Sometimes it can seem like the holidays get so crazy you forget about everything else going on – however, if you’re expecting a baby delivery this holiday season, we know that THIS holiday season is extra special for you and everyone in your family.

A holiday baby shower may be just what the mommy-to-be needs to put her into the festive baby spirit this holiday season!  And the best part about planning a holiday baby shower is that your baby shower decor is likely already in your household, so you won’t have to break the budget creating your party scene!  Take some great ideas from our holiday baby shower collage below and decorate your home with festive holiday lights and red and white paper lanterns.  Treat your guests to some dark chocolate cupcakes with red and white candy cane frosting…but don’t forget the milk!  We’ve featured some jazzed up some milk bottles below with red ribbons and black and white candy cane striped straws.  Set your party table with a gorgeous red and white spread with a red damask table runner and red and white place settings for each guest.  Tie everything together with a chic holiday baby shower invitation, like this one from Doc Milo.  This adorable invitation features a grey patterned background with a brunette woman lounging in a white wreath next to a baby shower holiday banner.  Pair your invite with the matching stickers, which work great as holiday return address labels or party favor gift tags for your shower.

Get a little inspiration below…


red dress ~ invitation ~ cupcakes ~ diaper cake ~ milk bottles ~ lanterns ~ santa baby ~ red damask table

A Golden Holiday

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.   A pop of color here, a little shimmer there.  Just a sprig of light to brighten up your holiday and decorate your home and heart.  It’s with this sentiment that I created a golden holiday inspiration collage, just in time for the holiday decorating season.

Gold is one of the most traditional and elegant holiday colors, and to be honest, I have always wanted to do a gold themed Christmas tree in my home.  Gold is warm, sophisticated and inviting.  If you’re planning a holiday gathering in your home this year, try something a bit different and try a party theme that is rich in color, yet simple in accentuation.

We start our holiday party inspiration with the Gold Solitaire Horizontal Holiday Party Invitation by William Arthur.  This striking ivory holiday party invitation features a a gold outer border, along with a golden holiday bell motif which is surrounded by folds of ribbon and holly.  Pair this with your newly gold decorated home, from a golden and white Christmas tree to a gold and pewter place setting.  Create a centerpiece with gold beaded garland and gold holiday ball ornaments.  Invite your guests to ship on champagne while you dazzle them walking around with your ruched gold party dress, heels and diamond cut earrings.  Top your outfit off with a gold sparkling clutch for the finishing touch!

golden living ~ place setting ~ dress ~ heels ~ earrings ~ clutch ~ champagne ~ holiday garlands

Holiday Self-Inking Stamps

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

‘Tis the season!  November has just started which means there’s less than two months until Christmas.  If that doesn’t put you into the Christmas spirit (or panic), I don’t know what will.  Today while our computers were being worked on, our customer service department decided to blare Christmas music as loud as possible, and to be honest, it got me out of my holiday panic mode and totally put me into the spirit of the Christmas season!  I can’t wait to decorate my tree, our home and my yard with Christmas lights.  Pretty soon we’ll be hanging up stocking on our fireplace and sending out our annual holiday greeting cards.  It’s such a joyous time of year, and after the tough economic year we’ve all had, it couldn’t come at a better time!

To help celebrate National Holiday Stationery Month, we are running a promotion for 50% off all gift box stamps – which means you can give a personalize gift to a family member, friend or co-worker, for just $25.00!  Suddenly I think a few people just got added to my Christmas list!

If you’re wondering what the whole hype is over the self-inking stamps, you’ll be pleased to know that they work for so much more than adding a stamp to the back of an envelope, (though they work great as return address labels – don’t get me wrong).   Our holiday stamps especially, are great for making your mark on  tissue paper for gift bags, or even on the gift bags themselves!  Use them as a creative/signature stamp on recipe tags, gift tags or holiday bakery items.  My favorite way to use my holiday stamp is in place of a gift tag.  Just put your stamp onto the gift and there’s no need for those peel and stick labels anymore!

Ready to get festive?  Our holiday stamp designs will add a little “MERRY” to your holiday with religious, holiday festive and gift tag stamps.  Shop designs with ornaments, snowflakes, Christmas trees, the Star of David, Santa Clause, lit palm trees, snowmen, wreaths, symbols of PEACE and more!

National Holiday Stationery Month Kicks Off

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

I know what you’re thinking…National Holiday, what?  But believe it or not, the most stationery purchased throughout the year is during the month of November, which means for all you stationery nuts and paper lovers out there – your day (and month) is about to get THIS much better! actually created National Holiday Stationery Month with you in mind – so that as you plan for the holiday season ahead you will have the best options for holiday party invitations, holiday greeting cards, holiday photo cards and personalized gifts around.  Each week in the month of November you’ll find a new product line featured, from holiday cards to tips for taking photographs, along with over-the-top discounts that just can’t be beat!

What’s the deal today? How about our 2-day 50% off stamp gift box sale!   Our Noteworthy Collections self-inking stamps are the perfect gift item, and the best part is that it allows your gift recipient to personalize their own gift, (no need to worry about returns since they actually pick their own stamp face).

Keep your eyes peeled for more fabulous deals as the weeks go by!  And just a sneak peek for next week…we’ll be doing a $200.00 VISA gift card giveaway Monday through Friday next week – talk about HAPPY holidays!!