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New Years Resolutions

Friday, December 28th, 2012

Have you started thinking about your New Years resolutions yet?  A few days ago I saw an ad from Lifetime Fitness who did a video promotion about making a “commitment” rather than a “promise” or a “resolution” for 2013 and I thought, what a great idea that is!  A commitment means that you are pledging to do something in the future, which implies the act will happen, whereas a resolution simply is more of a goal than an actual commitment do get the task done.

What will your New Years commitments be for 2013?  I think mine will be to focus more on family, focus on happiness in my life and the lives around me, get fit an healthy (mind, body and soul), and finally finish the book I am writing!

If you’re not sure where to start, take a look below at some of the most popular 2013 New Years Resolutions this year

(…you may be surprised that losing weight didn’t make number one this year! )

1.  Save money and pay off your loans

2.  Lose weight

3.  Get body healthy

4.  Be happy

5.  Get organized & plan better

6.  Find love

7.  Help others

8.  Create more family time

9.  Quit bad habits, be it smoking, excessive drinking, biting your nails, a lack of cleaning, etc.

10.  Expand your mind and learn something new


Choosing Moving Announcements

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

A new year can mean a new home for many of us! When the stress, aches and pains of moving into a new house has surpassed, it’s time to let everyone know about your new digs! Forget an impersonal email or a sure to be forgotten text message, tell your friends and family about your new home with a classy yet trendy moving announcement. It will be a great way to remind them of your new address and maybe even persuade them to send a housewarming gift!

Like furniture, paint colors and kitchen appliances, moving announcements are now available in a wide array of styles and themes. Show off your nest with a photo moving announcement that has a picture of your family in your new front yard. If you decided to go DIY and your home still need some TLC before it’s photo ready, choose a card with the classic symbol of welcome: the pineapple! Or how about a moving announcement in the shape of your new home state? That will be sure to grab your friends and family’s attention!

Commemorate this milestone event of moving into a new home with a moving announcement that fits your personal style.

Moving Announcements


Neutral Baby Shower Inspiration

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Are you searching for a fun neutral baby shower theme to celebrate your new arrival? You can keep your guests guessing with modern neutral baby shower invitations from! Keep the gender a secret and try this whimsical “shower” theme for the perfect design inspiration. Decorating is half the fun, so avoid those expensive party supply stores and save your money by taking matters in your own hands.

Playful details are key to this theme and craft stores provide the best inspiration. Create clouds by making pom poms out of white tissue paper to hang from the ceiling using thin wire or string. Let blue paper cut outs fall from the clouds like rain. Don’t forget to top off your sweets with blue edible pearls to imitate rain and hand-made clouds from paper cut-outs. Keep the color pallet clean and fresh with a white table cloth that will make the neutral baby colors pop.

You can never be too prepared during these precious moments! Get ready to share the news and announce your arrival of your newborn baby and check out these trendy baby announcements from InvitationBox.


Save the Date Photo Props

Friday, December 14th, 2012

After she says yes and the champagne has been poured, one of the most exciting things to do after getting engaged is taking engagement photos! Whether you are asking a friend to snap them or hiring a professional photographer, engagement pictures are the perfect way to memorialize this important milestone in your relationship.

As for my now husband and me, one of my friends generously offered to take our engagement! We took them in downtown Raleigh to for a classic cityscape background. I was giddy about what to wear and how to do my hair, because one of the pictures was surely going to be on our save the date cards! My mother-in-law even displayed these special pictures at our rehearsal dinner, as well.

Many of my friends have since had their engagement pictures taken, in hopes of finding one special moment captured for their photo save the date cards. I’ve been most impressed by their creativity in using props and accessories during their engagement photos to make their save the dates truly unique! From chalkboard signs and giant ampersands to banners and balloons, the use of props has really become a fast growing trend in wedding planning!

Did you use props in your engagement photos?