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Neutral Baby Shower Inspiration

Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Are you searching for a fun neutral baby shower theme to celebrate your new arrival? You can keep your guests guessing with modern neutral baby shower invitations from! Keep the gender a secret and try this whimsical “shower” theme for the perfect design inspiration. Decorating is half the fun, so avoid those expensive party supply stores and save your money by taking matters in your own hands.

Playful details are key to this theme and craft stores provide the best inspiration. Create clouds by making pom poms out of white tissue paper to hang from the ceiling using thin wire or string. Let blue paper cut outs fall from the clouds like rain. Don’t forget to top off your sweets with blue edible pearls to imitate rain and hand-made clouds from paper cut-outs. Keep the color pallet clean and fresh with a white table cloth that will make the neutral baby colors pop.

You can never be too prepared during these precious moments! Get ready to share the news and announce your arrival of your newborn baby and check out these trendy baby announcements from InvitationBox.