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The Special Way He Proposed

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

The best feeling is when you look at him and he is already staring…

It’s wedding season again!  With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, I felt it appropriate to feature special engagements in today’s blog.  The day he proposes is one of the days we all dream of when we are little girls, and the day we hope and pray for as adults when we follow our hearts and come to the realization that he is “the one”.  We fantasize about the moment when proposes, however as all engaged and married girls know, the moment always surpasses anything we’ve ever dreamed of!  The moment he gets down on one knee your heart feels like it stops beating, you see his lips moving but can’t really concentrate on the words and the tears just come flying out of nowhere!  Talk about some serious butterflies…which is completely understandable as this moment potentially changes your relationship and life forever as you make the journey into married life.

What special way did he propose, or will he propose to you?  Maybe he’ll be cliche and propose on Valentine’s Day this year, or maybe he’ll take you on a romantic vacation and keep you guessing as to when the “moment” will happen.  Perhaps he’ll get down on one knee after he gets back from the military, or turn an ordinary walk in the rain into the best storm of your life.  Whatever way he proposes, it will be a moment that you both will remember and cherish forever.

These lucky couples had someone catch their proposals on camera…and I thought I’d give you a little love inspiration this Wednesday morning…


Celebrating the Mom-to-bee

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

Have you heard the buzz?  Spring is just around the corner, which means now is the perfect time to start planning your spring baby shower!  One of my favorite spring shower invitations has to be the mom-to-bee baby shower invitation here to the left!  It’s chic, stylish, modern and oh-so-appropriate for a spring shower.  And if you’re unsure as to the gender of the baby it’s even more appropriate!

This Doc Milo invitation features a subtle tan gingham background and a haute mommy-to- be in a black dress with a yellow ribbon and a large party hat.  She stands in her heels next to a yellow and grey baby crib filled with shower gifts, all below a buzzing bumble bee and the words “mom-to-bee”.  It’s the perfect way to set the scene for your spring baby shower, (but don’t worry, we won’t expect the mommy-to-be to show up in heels like this sassy mom – unless she wants to)!  The invitation even has a matching thank you note to complete the set, and to create a great gift for the mommy-to-be after her shower, so that she can send thank you notes for all of her gifts.

Looking for a little inspiration for your buzzing ba-bee shower?  Take a few ideas from our collage below, and create a fully coordinated baby shower around honey and the baby-to-bee – two of life’s most sweetest things!  Create your party scene with hues of yellow and light grey – two of the most popular baby shower colors currently!  Offer your guests some bee hive chocolate cupcakes or cake pops and arrange them in fun honeycomb style patterns throughout your buffet table.  Decorate the room with buzzing bees, paper puff bee hives, baby onesies and a tall diaper cake for the baby-to-bee.  Present the mom-to-bee with hand knit bee themed booties to add to her baby bee nursery.

diaper cake ~ booties ~ onesie ~ nursery ~ cake pops ~ cupcakes

A Chanel Bridal Shower

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman” – Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is the French fashion designer that paved the way for women’s fashion and she gave women a sense of individuality in the world at a time when they needed it most.  It’s this strong-willed, confident and aspiring woman that gives us so many of our fashion ideas today, long after her passing in 1971.  You see the classic Chanel logo throughout all of fashion today, from jewelry and handbags to fragrance, shoes and clothing.

Everyone deserves a piece of Chanel in their closet!  Which brings us to the idea of a Chanel Bridal Shower. I have seen so many fashion blogs lately that have featured the Coco Chanel bridal shower, and I thought it was just too good of an idea not to share!  I mean, who doesn’t love a little glitz, glam, elegance and fashion every now and then?  After all, isn’t your wedding supposed to be all about you, (okay, and the groom)?

A Chanel themed bridal shower is perfect for the feminine bride-to-be who surrounds herself in the latest elegant fashions.  Your Chanel bridal shower will take your inner princess and bring her to the surface.  Invite your guests to come wearing the frilliest black dress in their closet, or maybe even a Chanel dress, if they have one!  Have the bride wear white to stand out from the rest, and be sure to drape everyone in lace and pearls when they arrive.  Serve up a compilation of light cocktails, champagne, mini desserts and finger foods.  Send each guest home with their own mini bottle of Chanel’s classic perfume, and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect Chanel bridal shower.  You may even want to add a French theme to your party decor, in honor of the French fashion designer, herself!

Take some inspiration from our below collage and throw your fashionista bride-to-be an elegant bridal shower she’ll never forget!

perfume ~ nails ~ table spread ~ cake ~ cupcakes ~ dress ~ clutch ~ perfume favors ~ chanel

Sassy & Chic – NEW Doc Milo Invitations

Monday, January 21st, 2013

We’re always super excited when our vendor, Doc Milo, comes out with a brand new collection of party invitations.  Just in time for wedding, baby and party season, Doc Milo has introduced a plethora of new designs to their baby, bridal and celebration collections.  Below you’ll find just a small preview of the new cards they have to offer…and a bit of inspiration for your upcoming party…

NEW Doc Milo Bridal Shower Invitations

Never lose style when you walk down the aisle!  The above invitation, Bridal Beauties, is available in blonde maids and brunette maids with a fun and flirty flare.  It’s perfect for the bride with a contemporary grey wedding color and an eye for style!  Inside their new collection of bridal shower invitations you’ll find hues of grey, turquoise, lime green, black and white with fun, flirty and charismatic characters that help you portray your happiness for your big day.

NEW Doc Milo Baby Shower Invitations

Forget sweatpants, this pregnant mama is always in style!  Doc Milo’s new baby shower invitations are full of modern sass and you’ll find the perfect invitation to set the scene for your baby shower.  From traditional expecting couples to same-sex expecting couples, Doc Milo has it all.  The above invitation shown is the Classic Couple Baby Shower Blue Invitation, featuring two mommy-to-be’s!

NEW Doc Milo Party Invitations

It’s your special day, so we know you will want to be the center of attention!  Doc Milo lets you show off your individual style in a chic, and stylish way with modern color combinations and flirty birthday girls ready to celebrate their special day.  The Birthday Babe Invitation above is the perfect way to strut your stuff into a brand new decade!

bridesmaids dress ~ cake ~ cupcakes ~ favors ~ party table ~ damask cupcakes

Kids Spa Parties

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

If there’s one thing kids love to do, it’s play ‘grown-ups’, where they get to stay up late, eat cookies in bed and watch R rated movies, (little do they know we secretly wish we were kids again)!  Let your child experience the spa just like you do on occasion, as they get spoiled and pampered all day, with their best gal-pals!

Kids spa parties are all the rage right now for ages 5 to tween.  There’s really nothing better than getting your nails done, a fresh pedicure and your hair made up…and it makes the kids feel like a movie star at the end of the day!  You can create your own at-home spa for your guests, or stop by a local spa or salon that offers kids spa birthday parties, complete robes, towels, face masks and plenty of nail polish and pretty scents!  If you have a girly-girl in your family celebrating a birthday, choose a spa day for the birthday girl and all of her friends!

Spa parties are pretty low-key if you plan it right.  Taking the kids to the spa is a great way to let someone else handle the party atmosphere.  Simply send out some adorable kids spa party invitations, bring the girls and giggles and they’ll provide the pampering.  After the girls are finished getting pampered, give them colorful cake pops, which are easy to eat with freshly painted nails.  Party favors are also super easy with flip flops to wear home from the salon, a nail manicure set or their own bottle of sparkly nail polish and a nail file.  Be sure to take pictures of the girls getting pampered, too!

kids spa ~ pretty toes ~ cake pops ~ face mask time ~ cucumber please

I know what you’re thinking…why didn’t they have these kinds of parties when WE were kids!?!?  I was thinking the exact same thing!

Super Bowl Party Ideas

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Are you ready for some football? There are only two more playoff games left in the NFL season, which will determine who will be going to Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd.  Will it be the New England Patriots?  The Baltimore Ravens?  The San Francisco 49ers?  Or the Atlanta Falcons?  My prediction is that the Patriots and the 49ers will be heading to New Orleans for the Super Bowl, however it would be really nice to see the Ravens take that seat this year!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start planning that annual Super Bowl party of yours!  Just this weekend we released our brand new Super Bowl invitations, just in time for the 2013 game.  My favorite invitation this year has to be the Football Chalkboard invitation by Noteworthy Collections.  It is shown below in our football spread with a chalkboard themed background filled with a classic football play in chalk themed letters and a really fun sporty font in outlined red letters.  The back of the card features a fun black and white diagonal stripe design for a little modern twist.  These fun football invitations can ship out in just 1-2 days if needed, when rush processing is selected.

So what’s the key to planning the perfect Super Bowl party?  Beer, football & food, of course!  The key to a good Super Bowl party is to keep the chip bowl full, the keg tapped and have plenty of seats to watch the game.  Be sure to invite guests over about an hour or two before kickoff, to ensure everyone has time to mingle and meet one another, and begin munching on food.  You may even want to have a few game day activities or contests to get everyone involved.  The best Super Bowl party I ever went to had a game for all the non-football fanatics to play which was similar to Bingo.  Each time someone cussed at the TV, a coach threw a challenge flag or a touchdown by the opposing team was scored you got to place a marker on your game board.  The first to get BINGO won!  It was the first Super Bowl party that I attended where everyone had their eye on the game, whether they liked football or were just there for the drinks and food!

Need some game day food inspiration?  Check out some of the game day favorites below that will make your party a hit!  My favorite dish to share on Super Bowl Sunday?  Velveeta Salsa & Cheese Dip – a total game day touchdown…

invitation ~ silverware ~ cupcakes ~ beer bucket ~ wings ~ cheese dip ~ subs

Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day

Friday, January 11th, 2013

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?  I know that each year I look forward to seeing those conversation hearts on the store shelves, and I can’t wait to make heart shaped sugar cookies and decorate them with icing and sprinkles with the kids.  Do you have a V-Day staple, like a Russel Stovers red cellophane candy-filled heart or pink and red Valentine’s Day cupcakes?

Looking for something new this year?  I did some research on some popular cooking blogs, party idea websites and of course pinterest, and found there are thousands of recipes, cooking ideas and party treat ideas for Valentine’s Day!  I picked a few to share with our readers below, though I warn you, it may get your mouth watering, and make you head straight to the craft and cooking store…

Milk & Heart Shaped Cookies ~ This amazing cookie and milk idea comes from the Very Rosenberry Blog, where she set up the perfect little picnic dessert, which looks elaborate but is really made up of a few simple items!  Just fill two glass containers with chocolate and strawberry milk and top them off with striped straws and colorful twine.  Serve up two heart shaped sugar cookies filled with frosting and dusted with jimmies on the edge, and place them on a pink striped napkin.  Looks like the perfect dessert for two!

Heart Cookies ~ Create a contrasting and eye-catching treat with these heart cookies from Food On Paper.  Simply pick up some heart shaped cookie cutters in different sizes, mold and assemble your dough prior to cooking and bake!  Dust with a little powdered sugar for that extra sweetness you know you’ll want for Valentine’s Day!

Pretzel Party Favors ~ Perfect to hand out in your child’s classroom, and a great alternative to snacking on pure sugary chocolate!  The  Creatively Christy Blog featured this Valentine goodie which can be made with long pretzel sticks dipped in milk or dark chocolate, (my favorite)!  Stick a candy heart on the end and allow to dry.  Stick your finished pretzels inside a colorful paper wrap and top it off with a Valentine’s Day ribbon for garnish!

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes ~ The perfect accent to any party or office event during February, these V-Day cupcakes  come from pink frosting, and using the right tools, can be very easy to re-create.  Simply purchase a tubing nozzle for your cupcake frosting and quickly roll your edges in pink sprinkles.  Create heart candy toppers using candy molds and you’ve got a beautiful cupcake presentation that looks like a loving masterpiece!

Cookie Pops ~ The perfect decoration or party favor to any Valentine’s Day party, these cookie pops are featured on Pizzazzerie, and feature a chocolate chip cookie batch shaped into heart shapes with a cookie cutter.  Place the stick into the cookie prior to baking and then place your cooled cookies inside a mason jar with a fun or simple Valentine’s Day ribbon, depending on your style!

Tart Cutter Cookies ~ Featured on the In His Grip photo blog, these tart cookies feature two sugary cookie cuttered cookies melded together with a delicious chocolate or fruit spread.  Place them in a loving tin with some pink tissue, and you’ll be playing your cards right!


Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

…’til you put me down.” are the lyrics Taylor Swift tweeted after her return from the British Virgin Islands after the holidays, and the word is out…Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have reportedly broken up!  So it looks like she’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day single this year, along with the other singles around the world.  Will a new song sprout after this breakup?  You never know with Taylor, but whatever the case, we just hope that Taylor finds healing, and we hope that maybe the next guy she finds will be the Prince Charming she’s been waiting for.

Taylor Swift’s breakup has inspired my blog today…in hopes that all of the singles can find an awesome way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, even if it means teaming up to host your own Anti-Valentine’s Day party…

When at a holiday party and asked “Are you here with someone??“, I think Ryan Gosling put it best when he responded with, “Uhh, no.  Thanks for pointing that out!”  Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that you either love or hate…whether you’re single or coupled up!  You might be single and ready to mingle, or be sitting on the couch eating a gallon of ice cream on Valentine’s Day night.  Or, you may be coupled up sharing a romantic dinner, or wishing that he’d buy you flowers any other time during the year other than Valentine’s Day.

There’s lots of reasons to love or dislike Valentine’s Day…and this party idea is perfect for your single group of friends that has decided to boycott Valentine’s Day this year.  There’s no reason to sit on the couch sorry for yourself on this day of love – instead, make it a Single Awareness Day instead and host your own Anti-Valentine’s Day party!

The designers at Noteworthy Collections just came out with this brand new anti-Valentine’s Day party invitation, and I just had to share!  It’s totally cute with the ever-popular chalkboard background and the sentiment “LOVE STINKS” with a little pink Cupid arrow.  Invite all of your single friends to come over and mingle…be sure to invite guys and girls, if you feel like playing cupid yourself!  Or, you can make it a girls only event and celebrate your single status by watching chick flicks, drinking girly cocktails and dishing over the latest single gossip!

If you’re planning your own anti-V-day party, here’s a few suggestions for you…

DECORATIONS – I think Jessica Biel had it right when she created her own Valentine’s Day heart pinata that Jennifer Garner beat with a baseball bat…Daily Candy has the amazing little pinata graphic up in our top banner, which is filled with conversation hearts.  Get creative and create your own conversation hearts and then let each guest take a swing – one swing for each time they’ve been dumped or had a broken heart!  Set the party scene with hot pink and black decorations – a little love with a little darkness – sounds like the perfect pair!

FOOD – Prepare some great finger foods for guests to much on.  You can do broken heart cookies, gingerbread voodoo dolls, pizza, chips, dip, etc.  Try a create your own fortune cookie company and create some much needed luck with love fortunes for good measure.

DRINKS – Keep it fun and maybe even a little wild with wine and cocktails for your guests.  You can even buy a cocktail book and create fun and new cocktail creations with your guests as a party activity.

ACTIVITIES – If you have both guys and girls at your event, try an ice breaker like “who am I?” to introduce everyone to one another – a couple may form before your very own eyes!  Chick flicks are always great for a girls night, especially a movie like Valentine’s Day, as pictured above!  You can also put a fish bowl in the center of the room and ask your guests to put a note inside the bowl detailing the worst date they’ve ever been on, or the worst experience with love they’ve ever had.  Best (worst) story takes home a bottle of Vodka and a shot glass!

Whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s spending time with your single friends, your partner in crime or vegging out on the couch, try to remember that Valentine’s Day is about loving one another.  If  you’re without a partner this Valentine’s Day, your Prince Charming might just be right around the corner – you never know!

valenetine’s day movie ~ cookies ~ dark chocolate martini ~ pinata


2013’s Color of the Year – EMERALD

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

It’s been announced…Pantone has announced their 2013 color of the year, which is EMERALD!!  Each year we look forward to Pantone’s announcement of the color of the year, and emerald was a color which didn’t so much surprise me as being a popular color for fashion in 2013, however I was surprised that it was THE color of the year!

So where will you see emerald used this year?  It might be in your fall attire, a hue on a party dress, or maybe even a shade of emerald that you’ll base your wedding colors on…whatever it is, we have a feeling that you’ll be seeing a lot of this color this year.

The emerald stone is associated with class and sophistication nad is often associated as a holy gemstone.  The emerald is said to enhance your well being…which is exactly what we all had in store for this new year!


The Color of LOVE – 2013 Wedding Colors

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Red is most typically associated with the word Love, which I can only imagine comes from our association of love with Valentine’s Day – but what color expresses your love for one another?

If you’re recently engaged, now is the time to choose your wedding colors, as you enter into the world of wedding planning, preparing for your big day.  Choosing your wedding colors can seem like an easy thing to do, however some brides find it extremely hard to narrow down a color choice, or come up with wedding colors that both the bride and groom agree upon, and coordinate well together.  He may be stately and prefer a classic ivory and she may be fun, girly and vibrant and prefer hot pink.  How do you decide?

A good place to start is to do a bit of wedding research and look at what some bride and groom couples have already done to get a bit of wedding inspiration.  What do you both like?  What do you both not like?  Sometimes narrowing down what you don’t like helps choose the perfect colors for you as a couple.

In doing my research, I have compiled a list of the most popular wedding colors that you’ll see in 2013 weddings – some of the combinations are so vibrant and unique this year!  From eye-catching color pairs like Tangerine & Pink, Blue & White and even Rainbow, (yes, I said rainbow), your wedding might just be the most colorful event of the year!  Prefer something a bit more subtle, while not trying to go completely traditional?  Try a color combination of Ivory & white, Champagne and Black, Shades of Purple or Pink & Pewter.

Take a look at some of the most popular 2013 wedding colors below and get inspired…

What color is your love??

tangerine & pinkpink & pewternavy & whiteivoryplumrainbowchampagne