The Color of LOVE – 2013 Wedding Colors

Red is most typically associated with the word Love, which I can only imagine comes from our association of love with Valentine’s Day – but what color expresses your love for one another?

If you’re recently engaged, now is the time to choose your wedding colors, as you enter into the world of wedding planning, preparing for your big day.  Choosing your wedding colors can seem like an easy thing to do, however some brides find it extremely hard to narrow down a color choice, or come up with wedding colors that both the bride and groom agree upon, and coordinate well together.  He may be stately and prefer a classic ivory and she may be fun, girly and vibrant and prefer hot pink.  How do you decide?

A good place to start is to do a bit of wedding research and look at what some bride and groom couples have already done to get a bit of wedding inspiration.  What do you both like?  What do you both not like?  Sometimes narrowing down what you don’t like helps choose the perfect colors for you as a couple.

In doing my research, I have compiled a list of the most popular wedding colors that you’ll see in 2013 weddings – some of the combinations are so vibrant and unique this year!  From eye-catching color pairs like Tangerine & Pink, Blue & White and even Rainbow, (yes, I said rainbow), your wedding might just be the most colorful event of the year!  Prefer something a bit more subtle, while not trying to go completely traditional?  Try a color combination of Ivory & white, Champagne and Black, Shades of Purple or Pink & Pewter.

Take a look at some of the most popular 2013 wedding colors below and get inspired…

What color is your love??

tangerine & pinkpink & pewternavy & whiteivoryplumrainbowchampagne

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