Anti-Valentine’s Day Party Ideas

…’til you put me down.” are the lyrics Taylor Swift tweeted after her return from the British Virgin Islands after the holidays, and the word is out…Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have reportedly broken up!  So it looks like she’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day single this year, along with the other singles around the world.  Will a new song sprout after this breakup?  You never know with Taylor, but whatever the case, we just hope that Taylor finds healing, and we hope that maybe the next guy she finds will be the Prince Charming she’s been waiting for.

Taylor Swift’s breakup has inspired my blog today…in hopes that all of the singles can find an awesome way to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, even if it means teaming up to host your own Anti-Valentine’s Day party…

When at a holiday party and asked “Are you here with someone??“, I think Ryan Gosling put it best when he responded with, “Uhh, no.  Thanks for pointing that out!”  Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays that you either love or hate…whether you’re single or coupled up!  You might be single and ready to mingle, or be sitting on the couch eating a gallon of ice cream on Valentine’s Day night.  Or, you may be coupled up sharing a romantic dinner, or wishing that he’d buy you flowers any other time during the year other than Valentine’s Day.

There’s lots of reasons to love or dislike Valentine’s Day…and this party idea is perfect for your single group of friends that has decided to boycott Valentine’s Day this year.  There’s no reason to sit on the couch sorry for yourself on this day of love – instead, make it a Single Awareness Day instead and host your own Anti-Valentine’s Day party!

The designers at Noteworthy Collections just came out with this brand new anti-Valentine’s Day party invitation, and I just had to share!  It’s totally cute with the ever-popular chalkboard background and the sentiment “LOVE STINKS” with a little pink Cupid arrow.  Invite all of your single friends to come over and mingle…be sure to invite guys and girls, if you feel like playing cupid yourself!  Or, you can make it a girls only event and celebrate your single status by watching chick flicks, drinking girly cocktails and dishing over the latest single gossip!

If you’re planning your own anti-V-day party, here’s a few suggestions for you…

DECORATIONS – I think Jessica Biel had it right when she created her own Valentine’s Day heart pinata that Jennifer Garner beat with a baseball bat…Daily Candy has the amazing little pinata graphic up in our top banner, which is filled with conversation hearts.  Get creative and create your own conversation hearts and then let each guest take a swing – one swing for each time they’ve been dumped or had a broken heart!  Set the party scene with hot pink and black decorations – a little love with a little darkness – sounds like the perfect pair!

FOOD – Prepare some great finger foods for guests to much on.  You can do broken heart cookies, gingerbread voodoo dolls, pizza, chips, dip, etc.  Try a create your own fortune cookie company and create some much needed luck with love fortunes for good measure.

DRINKS – Keep it fun and maybe even a little wild with wine and cocktails for your guests.  You can even buy a cocktail book and create fun and new cocktail creations with your guests as a party activity.

ACTIVITIES – If you have both guys and girls at your event, try an ice breaker like “who am I?” to introduce everyone to one another – a couple may form before your very own eyes!  Chick flicks are always great for a girls night, especially a movie like Valentine’s Day, as pictured above!  You can also put a fish bowl in the center of the room and ask your guests to put a note inside the bowl detailing the worst date they’ve ever been on, or the worst experience with love they’ve ever had.  Best (worst) story takes home a bottle of Vodka and a shot glass!

Whatever you decide to do on Valentine’s Day, whether it’s spending time with your single friends, your partner in crime or vegging out on the couch, try to remember that Valentine’s Day is about loving one another.  If  you’re without a partner this Valentine’s Day, your Prince Charming might just be right around the corner – you never know!

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