Sweet Treats for Valentine’s Day

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day treat?  I know that each year I look forward to seeing those conversation hearts on the store shelves, and I can’t wait to make heart shaped sugar cookies and decorate them with icing and sprinkles with the kids.  Do you have a V-Day staple, like a Russel Stovers red cellophane candy-filled heart or pink and red Valentine’s Day cupcakes?

Looking for something new this year?  I did some research on some popular cooking blogs, party idea websites and of course pinterest, and found there are thousands of recipes, cooking ideas and party treat ideas for Valentine’s Day!  I picked a few to share with our readers below, though I warn you, it may get your mouth watering, and make you head straight to the craft and cooking store…

Milk & Heart Shaped Cookies ~ This amazing cookie and milk idea comes from the Very Rosenberry Blog, where she set up the perfect little picnic dessert, which looks elaborate but is really made up of a few simple items!  Just fill two glass containers with chocolate and strawberry milk and top them off with striped straws and colorful twine.  Serve up two heart shaped sugar cookies filled with frosting and dusted with jimmies on the edge, and place them on a pink striped napkin.  Looks like the perfect dessert for two!

Heart Cookies ~ Create a contrasting and eye-catching treat with these heart cookies from Food On Paper.  Simply pick up some heart shaped cookie cutters in different sizes, mold and assemble your dough prior to cooking and bake!  Dust with a little powdered sugar for that extra sweetness you know you’ll want for Valentine’s Day!

Pretzel Party Favors ~ Perfect to hand out in your child’s classroom, and a great alternative to snacking on pure sugary chocolate!  The  Creatively Christy Blog featured this Valentine goodie which can be made with long pretzel sticks dipped in milk or dark chocolate, (my favorite)!  Stick a candy heart on the end and allow to dry.  Stick your finished pretzels inside a colorful paper wrap and top it off with a Valentine’s Day ribbon for garnish!

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes ~ The perfect accent to any party or office event during February, these V-Day cupcakes  come from pink frosting, and using the right tools, can be very easy to re-create.  Simply purchase a tubing nozzle for your cupcake frosting and quickly roll your edges in pink sprinkles.  Create heart candy toppers using candy molds and you’ve got a beautiful cupcake presentation that looks like a loving masterpiece!

Cookie Pops ~ The perfect decoration or party favor to any Valentine’s Day party, these cookie pops are featured on Pizzazzerie, and feature a chocolate chip cookie batch shaped into heart shapes with a cookie cutter.  Place the stick into the cookie prior to baking and then place your cooled cookies inside a mason jar with a fun or simple Valentine’s Day ribbon, depending on your style!

Tart Cutter Cookies ~ Featured on the In His Grip photo blog, these tart cookies feature two sugary cookie cuttered cookies melded together with a delicious chocolate or fruit spread.  Place them in a loving tin with some pink tissue, and you’ll be playing your cards right!


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