Super Bowl Party Ideas

Are you ready for some football? There are only two more playoff games left in the NFL season, which will determine who will be going to Super Bowl XLVII on February 3rd.  Will it be the New England Patriots?  The Baltimore Ravens?  The San Francisco 49ers?  Or the Atlanta Falcons?  My prediction is that the Patriots and the 49ers will be heading to New Orleans for the Super Bowl, however it would be really nice to see the Ravens take that seat this year!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to start planning that annual Super Bowl party of yours!  Just this weekend we released our brand new Super Bowl invitations, just in time for the 2013 game.  My favorite invitation this year has to be the Football Chalkboard invitation by Noteworthy Collections.  It is shown below in our football spread with a chalkboard themed background filled with a classic football play in chalk themed letters and a really fun sporty font in outlined red letters.  The back of the card features a fun black and white diagonal stripe design for a little modern twist.  These fun football invitations can ship out in just 1-2 days if needed, when rush processing is selected.

So what’s the key to planning the perfect Super Bowl party?  Beer, football & food, of course!  The key to a good Super Bowl party is to keep the chip bowl full, the keg tapped and have plenty of seats to watch the game.  Be sure to invite guests over about an hour or two before kickoff, to ensure everyone has time to mingle and meet one another, and begin munching on food.  You may even want to have a few game day activities or contests to get everyone involved.  The best Super Bowl party I ever went to had a game for all the non-football fanatics to play which was similar to Bingo.  Each time someone cussed at the TV, a coach threw a challenge flag or a touchdown by the opposing team was scored you got to place a marker on your game board.  The first to get BINGO won!  It was the first Super Bowl party that I attended where everyone had their eye on the game, whether they liked football or were just there for the drinks and food!

Need some game day food inspiration?  Check out some of the game day favorites below that will make your party a hit!  My favorite dish to share on Super Bowl Sunday?  Velveeta Salsa & Cheese Dip – a total game day touchdown…

invitation ~ silverware ~ cupcakes ~ beer bucket ~ wings ~ cheese dip ~ subs

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