Kids Spa Parties

If there’s one thing kids love to do, it’s play ‘grown-ups’, where they get to stay up late, eat cookies in bed and watch R rated movies, (little do they know we secretly wish we were kids again)!  Let your child experience the spa just like you do on occasion, as they get spoiled and pampered all day, with their best gal-pals!

Kids spa parties are all the rage right now for ages 5 to tween.  There’s really nothing better than getting your nails done, a fresh pedicure and your hair made up…and it makes the kids feel like a movie star at the end of the day!  You can create your own at-home spa for your guests, or stop by a local spa or salon that offers kids spa birthday parties, complete robes, towels, face masks and plenty of nail polish and pretty scents!  If you have a girly-girl in your family celebrating a birthday, choose a spa day for the birthday girl and all of her friends!

Spa parties are pretty low-key if you plan it right.  Taking the kids to the spa is a great way to let someone else handle the party atmosphere.  Simply send out some adorable kids spa party invitations, bring the girls and giggles and they’ll provide the pampering.  After the girls are finished getting pampered, give them colorful cake pops, which are easy to eat with freshly painted nails.  Party favors are also super easy with flip flops to wear home from the salon, a nail manicure set or their own bottle of sparkly nail polish and a nail file.  Be sure to take pictures of the girls getting pampered, too!

kids spa ~ pretty toes ~ cake pops ~ face mask time ~ cucumber please

I know what you’re thinking…why didn’t they have these kinds of parties when WE were kids!?!?  I was thinking the exact same thing!

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