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Being a blogger for a stationery company, I have no choice but to be a wedding fanatic.  One of my favorite things about attending a wedding is seeing all of the creative ideas that brides come up with to turn a traditional ceremonial event into a modern masterpiece!  This weekend one of’s very own typesetters tied the knot with a gorgeous barn wedding out in Pittsboro, North Carolina, and she had the most creative idea for a guest book that I’ve ever seen…thus I just had to share!

As you walked into the wedding reception area, a table was sitting to the left of the door where a traditional guest book would be waiting.  However, instead of a guest book, there was a tan basket with an array of pale white and black stones that were about the size of your palm, or a bit smaller.  Inside a glass container next to the basket were four sharpies, two black and two silver.  A frame instructed you to leave a few wishes, words of wisdom or advice for the bride and groom on each of the stones.

A group of us marveled over this creative idea from the bride and groom.  We instantly began searching Pinterest for the perfect quote or saying to leave for the newlyweds, and then after hand writing them onto the stones, we signed the back.  What a great and fun idea this was!  If you’re married, how often do you actually look back at your guest book after your wedding day?  Probably only once on a reminiscent day. This new creative idea, wishing stones, allowed your guests to give you well wishes which will be remembered forever, and can be displayed in the bride and groom’s home.  After the wedding the bride and groom will read their wishing stones as they place them in a clear jar or black bowl for all to see.  Where can you purchase these amazing wedding wishing stones?  We found them on The Papery Nook on Etsy!

bowl ~ table ~ container

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