Superhero Birthday Party Invitations & Ideas

The most important thing in life is to be yourself…Unless you can be Batman – Always be Batman.

THIS JUST IN:  WHOOSH!!  Kids all over the world are flying around wearing colorful uniforms and capes as they tackle the nations crime and bring peace back to the people!  They may look like normal kids on the outside, but under their childish grins there’s a superhero inside just waiting for their next rescue mission.  KAPOW!

…Calling all superheroes big and small!  You’ve been requested for a rescue mission birthday and the fate of the world is in your hands!  I’m sure you’ve been to the movies lately – it seems like over the past couple of years superheroes have come back into the scene with movies like Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The Avengers, Batman and more. It’s no wonder that our kids run and fly around the house  yelling “Super Logan”, “Zoom”, “Zap” and “Kaboom”!  Who would have thought that our favorite comic books would turn into movies that our kids would adore, twenty years later?!  A superhero birthday party may be exactly what your son or daughter needs to tame her superhero ways…and we’ve got the perfect ideas to help you set the scene for your superhero birthday party!

Set the scene for a super party with a superhero party invitation that’s made for a hero!  My favorite superhero party invitation is the Super Hero Brunette Invite by Noteworthy Collections.  It’s a perfect bright yellow with a little boy dressed up like Superman in his read and blue superhero outfit standing next to a blue comic book POW action bubble.  The best thing about this invitation is that it is available in blonde hair, brown hair, black hair and African American so that your invitation can look exactly like your little superhero.  Pair it up with the matching thank you notes and return address stickers and you’ll have a matching team of stationery for your superhero party.

Need a few ideas and inspiration for creating the perfect superhero party scene?  Our collage below offers some amazing party ideas for your superhero’s big birthday.  Create a backdrop that looks just like a scene from your favorite comic strip with a city mural at night hanging behind a table of party goodies, treats and snacks.  Add a few action bubbles and a superhero character to the scene to make it more comic book friendly.  When your guests arrive, ask them to choose a cape from your superhero cape collection, and remember to have a couple of pink capes in case there are any girl superheroes invited, (or Wonder Woman).

You can also pick up superhero stickers and conversation bubbles at your local party store, and easily turn generic party goods into a superhero masterpiece.  Take white cups and stick them with “POP” bubbles and fill them with popcorn.  Make upside down cake pops that look like TNT and use white candles in the top rather than pop sticks.  You can even hand out Clark Kent glasses and super hero flyers as party favors.  Use these tips to create your own Super Hero Party and you’ll create one comic themed birthday that your child will never forget!  It’ll be a RESCUE MISSION: COMPLETE!

clark kent ~ banner ~ capes ~ city ~ popcorn ~ favors ~ gumballs

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