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Party Ideas ~ Mini Desserts

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Big is OUT & Mini is IN!!  Sometimes all you need is a bite or two of sweetness, to tend to that sweet tooth!  And if you’re watching your weight, mini desserts allow you to indulge into your favorite sweet treats without the loaded calories in a large portioned dessert.  They’re also a great idea for parties!  They make for a gorgeous party spread and they are so much less messy than regular desserts…because let’s be honest, nobody wants to be standing around a party table trying to eat a huge crumbling cupcake and then an hour later realize that you’ve been walking around with blue frosting on your face and nobody told you, (yes, this has happened to me)!

I have seen mini desserts make it to the party scene for kids princess parties, sweet sixteens, cocktail parties, adult birthday parties and even weddings!  Mini desserts come in a variety of scrumptious bites, from mini quiche type pie shells to layered dessert shooters (my favorite), to bite-size macaroons, jam bites, mini wedding cakes, edible cake wraps and more.  You can even do mini donuts for kids parties!  Start with your favorite recipe and create it in smaller portions and your guests will have a mouthwatering treat while you have a gorgeous party spread, and a million hostess compliments!

Below are a few mini dessert ideas for your next party, wedding or event…