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Love is in the air today!  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!  Being that love is the theme of the day, I felt it appropriate to celebrate long-time love in our blog today – and if you’re a sucker for romance, you know exactly what kind of love I’m talking about!

It’s the love that began when you were teenagers…sneaking out of your houses at night to meet in the park and you’d kiss for hours under the stars.  The love where you don’t care who is looking because you’re so caught up in it.  It’s that love that brought him to his knee one day, as he proposed, and you decided to make vows to each other to make your relationship last forever.  It’s this love that created a beautiful baby that is on the way, which will now turn a love between two into a love between three.

The above baby shower invitation is one of my favorite shower invites, as it takes me back to my childhood crushes and romances.  Whenever your friends found out your crush they’d always be chanting, “First comes love, then comes marriage, next comes so-and-so with a baby carriage!”  This trendy Love + Marriage invitation encompasses just that with a heart for love, a ring for marriage and of course, a baby carriage!  If you’re planning a love + marriage shower, you can carry the invitation theme throughout your event decor by putting up pictures of the happy couple in love with pictures throughout the years.  Your guests will love to see how the mommy and daddy-to-be have evolved over the years, with their love only to grow stronger.

To all of you love birds out there today – we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day – celebrate love today, be it for your friends, family, partner, husband, wife or that little bundle of joy on the way!  <3

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