Save 48%, Limited Offer – Personalized Stamp Sale

Remember playing with stickers as a child?  Once you got a sheet of stickers it was only about two minutes before you had used up the entire sheet by putting stickers all over everyone in your family, on the dog, the fridge, the wall, books – everywhere.  There was no ‘use one now, and the rest later’, it was a necessity to use all of the stickers at once.

It’s that same feeling I get as an adult today when I have my Snap Stamp within reach.  I am always looking for different places to make my mark and put my insignia upon.  Once you start stamping, you really don’t want to stop.  They’re great for return address labels, but I also like to use them to decorate the inside covers of my books and as gift tags for friends.

Today I am happy to tell you that we have an awesome sale on our stamps going on, which saves you 48% off of the regular gift box stamp!  For $29.99 you get a self-inking stamp, one black ink cartridge (that creates up to 10,000 impressions) and a personalized stamp face of your choice from our redemption website – on top of all that, you also get free shipping.

Check out this amazing deal below…which is available until February 24th, and get ready to make your mark!



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