A Glamping Getaway (glamorous camping)

Last summer we were invited to our annual family reunion up in Michigan.  Most of us have anywhere from 2-5 kids, thus driving twelve hours and then paying close to two hundred dollars a night for a hotel can sometimes be a bit hard on our patience and wallets!  The idea was brought up that we should go camping and I have to admit, my first thoughts were of sweating in 95 degree weather, showering in humid campsite bathrooms, a bad back each morning and thousands of mosquitoes!  My second thought was that it would really be enjoyable to experience the gorgeous Michigan nature with our family and friends – s’mores, campfires, gossip, ghost stories…there just had to be a happy medium between the good times and the mosquitoes!  And that is where we found glamping, (or, glamorous camping, if you will)!

Glamping is the newest craze in camping these days, however it actually dates back to the 1900’s, when Europeans and Americans wanted to travel on Safari in Africa, however the wealthy travelers did not want to forgo the comforts of home.  Glamping was thus created, bringing at-home luxuries to the African safari.  Guests would thus travel with a butler, chef, large tents, Parisian rugs, guides and a bed, of course!

Today’s glamping is similar to the days of safari, but a bit more trendy, of course!  Glamping is actually a mix of camping with the luxuries of a hotel.  This way you can experience nature without the hassle of carrying camping gear, pitching a tent, finding space or eating beans out of a can.  Glamp sites can feature cabins, tree houses, tipis, camping pods, luxurious pop-ups or belle tents.  You can create your own glamping site, or go to a location that specifically specializes in glamping.  Believe it or not, there are companies that offer glamping from $50 to $1000 per night.  Luxuries can include beds, cabins, fresh daily linens, air conditioning, bathrooms, showers and food services.

We were lucky enough to find small ‘glamping-style’ cottages that summer, which were very small but offered a nice bed, air conditioning, mini kitchen and bathroom/shower for a very affordable price.  No 5-star meal, but it allowed us to “camp” without dying in the summer’s heat.  Glamping might be the perfect theme for your next party – whether you’re planning a bachelorette or simply a girls weekend.  We offer plenty of camping invitations (or glamping invitations) to help you set that woodsy scene!

Ready to give glamping a try?   Camping sounds so much more fun when you add gourmet s’mores, wine and showers into the mix…

fire ~ tent ~ pop up ~ food ~ wine ~ s’mores ~ table ~ flannel ~ shades ~ hobo ~ tank ~ jeans ~ boot ~ hat ~ scarf

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