A Red Carpet Event

The 85th annual Oscars were on last night, with highlights being Seth MacFarlane’s funny (or not so funny) jokes, Jennifer Lawrence’s trip up the stairs to receive her award (poor girl), Anne Hathaway’s award for Les Miserables and musical performances by Adele, Jennifer Hudson and Barbra Streisand, who hadn’t performed at the Academy Awards in the past 36 years.  For me, fashion is what draws me to watching the Oscars each year…the dresses, the hair, the jewelry.  To be honest, I play my own little game of best dressed/worst dressed from my very own sofa.  It’s also a great chance to find out about any amazing movies I may have missed and should run out to see in the coming weeks, (i.e. Silver Linings Playbook).

I have a friend who hosts an Oscars party each year at her home – she invites everyone to come dressed as their favorite actress or actor and everyone lives rich for the evening, coming dressed in evening gowns and pearls, sipping on champagne and dining on mini hors d’oeuvres.  She puts a red carpet at the entrance-way of her home and takes photos of everyone as they arrive, just like the paparazzi.  As the party progresses, the red carpet changes to a photo booth that everyone can enjoy together.  Voting is done an hour before the Oscars are aired and whoever guesses the awards correctly does an acceptance speech.  Guests can also re-enact their own acceptance speech being the actress or actor they are portraying.

Thinking of hosting your own red carpet event?  Red carpet parties are growing extremely popular, as we’d all like to know what it feels like to be rich and famous, even if it’s only for a day.  Red carpet parties are most popular for sweet 16 parties, adult birthday parties, Oscar parties, corporate events and retirement parties.  The perfect way to set the scene for your event is with a VIP invitation or a movie party invitation that makes way for your theatrical a-list party!  My favorite invitation is the VIP Pass Invitation by Checkerboard, which doubles as not only an invitation, but also an all-access pass to obtain admittance to your party!  Your VIP guests will feel extra special as they enter your party with their exclusive pass.  We also offer admission ticket invitations which are perfect for any red carpet themed event.  Choose a colored ticket to match your party theme and style.  We also have a Movie Clapper Invitation which features a large scene clapper which will add a little ACTION to your party.

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