Throwback Thursday #tbt

It’s Throwback Thursday!!  If you’re glued to your smartphone and you’ve checked your instagram, facebook and pinterest accounts before you’ve even stepped out of bed in the morning, odds are you’re already participating in Throwback Thursday (#tbt) each week.  If you haven’t jumped on the tbt bandwagon yet, we’ll let you in on this really fun photo upload that you can do to start your own #tbt tradition!

Throwback Thursday started on instagram and has been expanding to other areas of social media.  If you know anything about social media and photo sharing, you know it’s about being current and up-to-date.  The moment your party ends there’s instantly pictures of the event on your facebook to share with anyone, and throughout the day you’re constantly getting tagged in photos, locations, events, etc.  Throwback Thursday is the one day during the week that you are encouraged to share photos and memories from way back – thus a “throwback”.  Your photos can be from your childhood years, high school, college, an old party, or maybe even a photo from last year – as long as it takes you back in time and shares a memory, your photo is game!  Once you have uploaded your Throwback Thursday pic, give it a hashtag of #tbt.

In honor of Throwback Thursday, is offering an EXCLUSIVE 35% off coupon on instagram!  So get out there and follow us on instagram, upload your own Throwback Thursday #tbt photo and tag it  @invitationbox !  This coupon is too good to pass up, and it’s totally too much fun not to share one of those old pics you’ve got hidden away in your closet!

We asked our fellow ibox employees to allow us to share their favorite #tbt pics and they sent them in to give you a little inspiration for posting your own Throwback Thursday pic!  Above we have pictures from employees in marketing, customer service, typesetting, and even our general manager – but we won’t name names!

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