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Wine + Food Pairings

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Wine is good.  Wine paired with the right food is so much better! Think of the wine you serve with your meal as a way to truly bring out the flavors in the food you are eating, and enhance the body of your wine as well as your entire dining experience.  A meal is simply a meal until you add a glass of wine, in which a perfect balance is created, mind, body and soul.

The art of wine and food pairing has grown increasingly popular as of late, and has become somewhat of an art form for many wine enthusiasts, chefs and diners.  It is quite often that you will dine at a restaurant and receive a pairing menu from the chef, suggesting the perfect wine to accompany each course or entree.  Experts suggest that the perfect balance between food and wine is achieved through balancing the body of the wine with the body of the food.  A heavy and powerful wine like a Malbec can overpower the light taste and nature of a white fish, whereas a Sauvignon Blanc could be easily overwhelmed by a large steak or stew.  When doing your own food pairings, you can decide what works for you, regarding matching flavors and textures, or purposely contrasting them to create a balance for your own unique palette.

As Friday’s blog entailed, today is the second day in our Wine Kick-Off weekend.  Anyone who places an order (over $75.00) before Sunday evening will receive a free $50.00 gift card to use at!   The regular promotion is to order $100.00 or more to receive your free gift card, so make sure you take advantage this weekend, when the order amount is lowered to $75.00!

We figured that with all that extra wine you’ll have in your wine rack, you might want to try a few recipes and pairings to enhance your total wine experience!

Our two featured wines today are Mauricio Lorca Angel’s Reserve Malbec 2012 and Rod Easthope Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2011.

The Winemaker Mauricio Lorca Angel’s Reserve Malbec 2012

The Malbec boasts a rich and smooth texture, which gives off hints of blackberry and cherry, with a long lasting finish, which is the perfect complement to a hearty meal.  Our below pairing features a manchego with rosemary cheese, which is aged from a manchega sheep and accented with the gorgeous bouquet of rosemary.  Aged for approximately fifteen months, rosemary lightly infuses this flavorful cheese.  For the entree, we feature a full-bodied meal to coordinate with your full-bodied wine, with a chili con carne recipe which features large portions of beef, pork, kidney beans, pepper sauce and a variety of strong vegetables.  Top with raw onion and a hint of cheddar for a bold flavor that is accented by the smooth nature of the Malbec.  For dessert, we feature a dark chocolate bread pudding with red berry sauce.   The dark chocolate in this dish accompanied by the sweet nature of the red berry sauce is truly delightful, and is boldly accented by the berry undertones in the Malbec.

manchego with rosemary ~ chili con carne ~ dark chocolate bread pudding ~ malbec

Rod Easthope Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2011

The Sauvignon Blanc has a clean and crisp taste which is accented by hints of citrus featuring green apple, grapefruit and pineapple.  This wine is refreshingly balanced and the perfect accompaniment to a light summery meal.  Our pairing below features a hot spinach dip, which could even be served as a cold dish in the hot summer months.  The salty nature of the dip, especially when paired with flat bread or salty crackers, is the perfect pairing for the Sauvignon Blanc, which will use the citrus undertones to balance the salty nature of this dish.  For the entree, we feature a California-style clam bake, which boasts a compilation of light sea fare, (mussels and clams), with garlic, shallot and parsley accents.  The Sauvignon Blanc is the perfect pairing for this dish, with its crisp and dry body with just  a hint of citrus.  Finally, for a lovely summer dessert, we suggest a green apple sorbet, to which the flavors of your wine will truly enhance each delectable bite of this frozen treat.

hot spinach dip ~ california-style clam bake ~ green apple sorbet ~ sauvignon blanc

Feeling inspired for dinner tonight?  Check back for more wine and food pairing suggestions as we continue this amazing wine promotion with

Rod Easthope Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2011