Embracing the Daylight

Are you a glass is half-full kind of person?  I like to view Daylight Savings as gaining an extra hour of sunlight in the day, rather than losing an hour of sleep.  It’s time to embrace the daylight and the upcoming of the spring season, (finally)!

What will you do with your extra hour?  My favorite thing to do in the spring and summer evenings is grab a cocktail on the front or back porch as the kids ride their bikes around aimlessly or play a game of soccer.  There’s nothing better than soaking up the end of the day’s sunlight while breathing in the fresh spring air.

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We’ve compiled a list of our Daylight Savings favorite activities and suggestions below to give you a few ideas for our extra hours of sunlight!  Be sure to share with us your favorite spring activities, too!

Tips for Embracing the Daylight

  • Dine on your outdoor patio instead of indoors
  • Take the family to a baseball game
  • Go hiking after work
  • Ride bikes with the kids before bedtime
  • Dine outdoors at your favorite restaurant, and stay an extra hour sipping a cocktail with friends
  • Enjoy the sunset from your porch
  • Head to the beach
  • Exercise with a partner after work or take the dog for a long walk

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