A St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast

I’ll be honest, I am obsessed with my Irish culture, and often every day feels like St. Patrick’s Day in my house.  My guest bathroom is covered in celtic trinkets and decor, and let’s be honest, there’s a six food Ireland flag hanging above my garage that stays up all year long.  I think it’s so amazing to be proud of your family’s culture and history, and this weekend it’s all about the Irish, and I couldn’t be more excited!  It’s time to turn back on that St. Patrick’s Day Pandora station and get ready for some green beer, kilts and of course, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

I thought it might be a bit fun to share some St. Patrick’s Day breakfast ideas with you, so that you can have a fully Irish day from sunrise to sunset!

For Mom & Dad – Irish Coffee ~ Nothing gets the morning started better than a steaming cup of coffee!  Add a little whiskey into the mix, and you’ve got a true Irish start to the morning, (or a great after-dinner warm treat)!  This recipe is actually taken from a Polish blogger who had a bit of an Irish flare that morning, (thank you Google for translating the website for me)!  This delectable coffee is made with light brown sugar, 4 cups of strong piping hot coffee, whiskey, whipped cream, sugar and vanilla sugar.  Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate chips or chocolate shavings for the garnish!  Simply whip your whipped cream with the vanilla and sugar to give it a really sweet taste and then rinse each glass with hot water.  Pour a spoonful of sugar into the glass and then add one cup of your hot coffee.  Stir to dissolve your sugar.  Then add the desired amount of whiskey and add a dollop of your whipped cream.  Top with grated chocolate and you’ve got a breakfast coffee that’s sure to keep your insides warm!


For The Family – Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes ~  Even grownups love chocolate chip pancakes, but add a little minty green to it, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a St. Patrick’s Day breakfast!  The recipe for these amazing pancakes can be found here, which is your basic pancake recipe featuring flour, sugar, baking powder, eggs and buttermilk, (or you can go simple with a ready-made pancake mix like Bisquick).  After your batter is ready, mix in your chocolate chips, 3-4 drops of green food coloring (a MUST for St. Patrick’s Day), and 1/2 a teaspoon of pure mint extract.  The cook gave a great suggestion to choose your mint extract wisely, as mint and peppermint are very different.  The peppermint will give you more of a Christmas-y taste, (think candycane), whereas the mint extract combines both peppermint and spearmint to give you that true mint taste – the choice is yours.  To make your pancakes extra special, pair them with a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream – #nom!


For the Kids – Lucky Charms & Green Vanilla Milk ~ If your kids are like mine, they will choose cereal any day over anything else…heck, they’d even eat it for lunch and dinner if we’d let them, and the more sugar in the cereal, the better, (not that we let them eat it)!  This simple and fun St. Patrick’s Day breakfast is perfect for picky eaters!  Simply split a serving of lucky charms into two green muffin papers and pair it with two clear jars of vanilla milk colored with a drop of green food coloring!  Make sure you include a fun straw, to avoid any green mouth issues that WILL last all day!  Make it even cuter by creating four leaf clovers out of your cupcake wraps by pairing four together in a cluster on the table.  Leave it waiting at the table and they’ll love it!


For the Family – Shamrock Pepper Eggs ~ Shamrock pepper eggs are so simple and absolutely adorable for St. Patrick’s Day!  You’ll only need 1 green bell pepper, eggs, butter, water and salt & pepper, (talk about a perfect breakfast on a budget)!  After washing your pepper, you’ll want to slice it horizontally to create your pepper rings.  Most make about 4-6 rings, so if you have a large or particularly hungry family, go for 2 peppers.  Let the kids remove the seeds from the center and you’ll be left with shamrock looking pepper rings.  Heat your butter in a pan on medium heat and drop your peppers into the pan.  Crack one egg at a time into a bowl and then pour it into the pepper ring, (or scramble it if yolks scare you, like they do me).  Add a few tablespoons of water into the pan and cover it for about 3-5 minutes.



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