A Garden Party

One of the most gorgeous growing trends for spring and summer parties is a garden party.  With spring just now coming into season, flowers are budding, birds are chirping and the weather is warming – which leaves the perfect setting for a feminine party for you and your girlfriends.  A garden party is the perfect party theme for a bridal shower, birthday party or baby shower, and it can also be a great excuse for a simple gathering of lunch and a few cocktails with the best of friends.

Set the scene with a garden party invitation that embraces the spring season.  One of my favorite garden party invitations is the Contemporary Pink Botanicals Invitation here to our left, which features a shimmering pocket decorated with spring blooms, which is wrapped in a pewter satin ribbon to perfectly tie your ensemble together.  Your invitation wording prints on an elegant shimmering diamond card stock which eludes to your formal garden affair.

One of the best things about planning a garden party is that you don’t have to plan any of those silly games or corny ice breakers for this type of party.  A garden party is meant to be an intimate event among close friends…so there’s no need to break the ice when your guests arrive.  Anyone new can be introduced to the group, which will instantly start a great conversation.  Ask each guests to dress in their most special garden attire and plan for a day of warm conversation, light laughs and serene relaxation.  You can host your garden party in your very own backyard or head to the local spa or resort and take use of their gardens.

lanterns ~ champagne ~ table spread ~ sandwiches ~ macaroons ~ dress ~ heels ~ earrings ~ bracelet ~ ring ~ clutch

One of the largest trends with garden party themes is bringing the inside outside, which brings a warm and inviting setting to your gorgeous garden backdrop.  Set your party scene by bringing your table, chairs, table cloth and fine china outdoors into your garden, for a serene and elegant affair.  Decorate each table with a vase of flowers and tea trays of champagne and fancy cocktails.  For sunset garden parties, a clear or rose colored oil candle makes for a beautiful centerpiece.  Decorate your garden with lanterns filled with fresh spring bloom flowers or tiny lanterns and place floating candles and flowers into a stream or pond in your backdrop.

When it comes to the food you will serve your guests, err on the lighter side of fare.  Serve mini tea sandwiches made from spring greens, cream chese and asparagus, gorgeously colored pastel macaroons, tart lemon meringue bars or a fresh berry or yogurt parfait.  Offer your guests a cup of high tea, a fresh cucumber water, a fun and light cocktail, ice tea or lemonade.  For your party gifts, offer each guest a potted plant to take home with them or a sachel of seeds to plant.  You can also invite guests to take home their floral bouquet as they leave.

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