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Have you jumped onto the washi tape bandwagon yet? I honestly thought there wasn’t anything more addicting than Pinterest, however, I have now moved onto a new obsession, introduced to me by a coworker, and now I am spending way too much time using pinterest to search ideas on how to use washi tape!!  I will pre-apologize, because after reading through this blog you’ll be finding ways to use washi tape in your life too!

So what exactly is washi tape?  Washi tape is basically a gorgeously decorated masking tape that originates from Japan.  But it’s not your everyday masking tape that you use to mark up floors, tape a temporary fix or write on to protect a surface.  It’s a DIY crafter’s dream that’s available in a variety of thicknesses, designs colors and patterns upon patterns!  Washi tape is made of sticky paper, which is composed of a combination of natural fibers from hemp, bamboo or other trees, however it is much stronger than you would think.

Washi tape has taken the world by storm and you’ll not only see it by the registers at checkout, or in the art section of your local target, but you’ll see it sold in many places on the internet, my favorite being Etsy.  Washi tape is not only cute, it’s also affordable.  Rolls typically range from $3 – $7, depending on how large, decorative or thick the roll of tape.  Most manufacturers sell bulk packages where you can pick your own patterns to bundle and save.  Vendors are even offering washi tape storage cases and towers so that you can keep your washi tape organized.

Just what can you do with the washi tape?  EVERYTHING!  I created a collage of some of my most favorite uses below, including creating party favor tags, decorating your keyboard, creating your own iPhone cover, creating a design on a flower vase, adding a border to a cup or creating patterned letters for your son or daughter’s nursery or room.  My favorite way to use washi tape is wrapping a present in white wrapping paper and then decorating it with unique patterns and lines of washi tape.   It’s a perfectly fun, trendy and inexpensive way to turn a boring box or wrapping paper into something fabulous!  You can also stick two pieces of washi tape together to create a matching bow or ribbon.  Washi tape is also a scrapbooker’s dream as it creates a really fun and unique way to create borders or frames around photos and images – throw that old ruler away!

cups ~ gifts ~ phone case ~ vase ~ tape rolls

Feeling a bit inspired?  Look for upcoming spring designs which will feature a few washi tape-inspired looks.  You can also send us pictures of your washi tape creations and we’ll feature them in a future blog to help inspire other DIY-ers.

*A special thanks to Cristen Pallante for sharing her DIY washi tape creations with her Mac keyboard and baby nursery letters…adorbs!

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