April Fool’s Day Pranks

Have strange things been happening to you all day today? Heard some bad news about a friend or family member? It’s April Fool’s Day…so don’t let too many people tell you a story today without being a bit skeptical! Usually a group of us stays late at the office on March 31st so that we can prepare all of our tricks for April Fool’s Day. A few years ago we played some amazing office pranks, from covering our Vice President’s desk with sticky notes to covering customer service’s phones with elastic bands.   However with April 1st being on the Monday after Easter this year, I’m sad to say that the office pranks were at a minimum this year…although there’s still a little bit of time left in the day!

So what are some really great April Fool’s Day pranks that you can play on your friends, family and co-workers?  I found a few really fun April Fool’s Day pranks online this morning, and I felt compelled to share – far be it for me to deny anyone the perfect April Fool’s Day prank!

1 – Place mini marshmallows ontop of the blades of your ceiling fan and ask someone to turn the fan on because it’s getting a bit hot!  Not only will they fly everywhere, it will suddenly appear to be snowing!

2 – Create a screenshot of a co-workers desktop and then hide all of their icons into a folder on their normal desktop.  Replace their background with the new screenshot you just took, and watch as they wonder why none of their icons on their desktop will open or work.

3 – At the office, bring in soda for everyone to share with solo cups.  Ahead of time, punch tiny holes right below the rim of each cup and watch as the drinker tribbles all over their shirt, not knowing why they can’t stop dribbling!

4 – If your co-worker has  a wireless mouse, place a piece of tape over the laser so that they have no reaction from their mouse once it is moved.

5 – When the kids are fast asleep, pick them up and move them to someone else’s bed.  Watch their amazed faces when they wake up somewhere other than where they went to sleep.

6 – Borrow someone’s cell phone when they aren’t looking and change the language to something foreign.

7 – Bring multiple outfits to work and change every few hours.

8 – Take an item from a co-worker’s desk and leave behind a ransom note.

9 – Put a note on your office copier that reads “The copier is finally voice activated, please press the green button and then begin speaking your commands”.  Be sure to have a video camera ready for future enjoyment.

10 – Leave a pair of boxers in the men’s room which have someone’s name on the tag, (make sure it is visible).

11 – Put a “blue screen of death” as someone’s screen saver

12 – Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish so that it won’t suds up when wet.

13 – Fill cups with red jello and a straw instead of juice and give it to the kids for snack.

Looking for more April Fool’s Day jokes?  The Huffington Post has a great reporting on 2013’s best April Fool’s Day jokes which is constantly updated.  Google Blue & Google Nose were my absolute favorites!

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