At-Home Spa Party

Nothing is better then spending the day at the spa with your girlfriends; it’s the perfect stress reliever, and the perfect chance to talk – really talk.  This past month I tried to book a spa day for a friend and myself at our local spa and it would have been over $400 EACH for four hours of relaxation.  Not that there’s a price for a stress-free day, but I don’t want to cause more stress for myself at the end of the month because I went over budget on a whim.

If you’re like me, and enjoy the benefits of the spa, but prefer to keep your money in your wallet, there’s still hope!  Create your own spa at home and invite all of your best gal-pals to join you!  It can actually be the perfect low-budget party, (to be honest, I found a site that promoted a home spa day with everything purchased from the dollar store – score)!  Ask each girl to come with a robe in-hand.  You can offer terrycloth flip flops, which are perfect after pedicures, and make a perfect party gift.

Have plenty of wine or bubbly on hand, which will make the girl-talk flow so much easier, (as if you needed help)!  Or, if you’re looking to rejuvenate, you can also create your own spa-inspired drink with a glass of cucumber lemon water, with just a hint of mint.  From the first sip you’ll automatically be thinking SPA.    Simply slice your cucumber and lemon slices extremely thin and let them seep into spring water for about an hour before serving.  Garnish with a fresh mint sprig and you’ve got a refreshing spa drink for everyone to admire.

Have a stylish chalkboard frame on your coffee table listing the treatments your home spa will be offering that day – think manicure, pedicure, foot soak, lip scrub or face mask…easy spa ideas which only take 20-30 minutes to do.  Put on some relaxing spa music to set the tone, (and yes, Spotify actually has spa/zen music that you can playlist)!   Be sure to have plenty of basins, towels, nail files and nailpolish on hand for all of your guests.  If you don’t have enough nailpolish to go around, try asking each guest to bring a brand new bottle of nailpolish with them to your spa party.  You can put them at your pedicure area and have each guest take a different polish home with them at the end of the evening.

Below you’ll see a really fun collage which will help you create the perfect spa day.  My favorite is that At Home Spa Treatment which gives you the exact ingredients you’ll need to mix up the perfect facials, moisturizers and scrubs, using things you likely already have in your pantry!

cucumber water ~ facial ingredients ~ rose water ~ face mask ~ spa gift ~ serenity candle ~ friends

robe ~ polish ~ bath bombs ~ nail file ~ mask ~ bubble bath ~ mini face masks

Ready to host your own at-home spa party?   You can host one just for the fun of it, or let it be the theme for your next birthday party, bridal shower or bridal luncheon!  Set the scene with a spa party invitation that will get everyone in the mood for relaxation.  At InvitationBox you’ll find the perfect spa party invitations for teens, brides and adults.  From cucumber eyes to foot spas, pedicures, manicure essentials, spa scenes and girls wrapped in spa towels, you’ll have exactly what you need to set the scene for your special spa day!

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