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One of the things I fondly remember from my childhood was the totally fun and unique ways my mom would serve us food.  I was an extremely picky eater, but I remember that she would get me to eat just about anything, as long as it was on a stick or arranged in a funky way.  My favorite thing she made was little bugs made from toothpicks, cheese and grapes – adorable!  We also had a sandwich book that showed you how to make animals and colorful roll-ups out of your sandwich ingredients.

Now as an adult I find myself having the same issues my mom had with me with my own children – where if they could choose, we’d be eating processed chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese and oreos for dinner each night.  It’s time to have fun with food, and that’s what today’s blog is all about!  The more fun you have making it, the more fun your kids will have eating it!  And these fun ideas are super simple, so you can even let the kids help you create it!    Check out these bright ideas and make your own food creation tonight!  Just watch as the kids line up to help – and ask for seconds!

I can’t wait to try this fun with food project with the kids!  It can turn Sunday brunch into an event my kids actually like attending!  This adorable food inspiration is from, and it’s called the Crabby Crabwich.  It only takes a few simple ingredients to make this crab, and I like that you can fill your croissant with whatever food suits your taste buds, (I was thinking eggs and cheese, because my kids will not go anywhere near anything with the word “salad” in it)!  To make your Crabby Sandwich, all you have to do is slice and fill your croissant and tuck six baby carrots into the edges, which will make your crab’s legs.  Slide 2 1/2 inch balls of cream cheese onto tooth picks and garnish with 2 black olive slices for eyes.  Cut the tips off your croissant and slide in two pieces of red bell peppers to make claws, (or change it up and do strawberries instead)!  Add half of a radish for a smile, adhering it to the croissant with a dot of cream cheese.  My mouth is watering already!


Perfect for after school or in-between play, the folks over at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons certainly have healthy snacktime down-pat with this adorable Peachy Parrot snack!  It’s great because it only involves four simple ingredients that you likely already have in your pantry, (well, except for the peaches)!  Simply cut the peaches in half – one for your parrot body and the other for his face. Place them face down with a pretzel rod directly below it.  Take another peach and cut it in half.  Cut the halves into thin slices to make your wings, beak, feathers and feet.  The eyes are made with mini marshmallows cut in half, with two chocolate chips for the eyes, (yum)!  If you want to add a little sweet, make sure everything sticks together with a small dot of frosting or yogurt!


One of my favorite websites for festive foods, Hungry Happenings featured this adorable dinnertime meal that doubles as a fun Halloween treat or a creepy critter to add to your son’s plate at dinner.  Corn Dog Centipedes are super easy, as you only need three simple ingredients – mini corn dogs, chow mein noodles (or potato sticks) and 2 dots of ketchup.  First bake your corn dogs according to your package directions.  When you remove them from the oven, reduce the temperature to 200 degrees.  Use about 9 corn dogs for each centipede and arrange them in a squiggly line.  Press your potato sticks or chow mein noodles in the sides and front of the corn dogs to create your legs, tail or antennae.  Place into a warm oven until ready to serve, and then finally dot the front of each bug with two ketchup eyes.

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