Celebrate Earth Day

Calling all nature lovers…We will be celebrating Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd!  I remember that as a child I always loved Earth Day, as we would come home from school with a baby pine tree to plant – one of which is still growing today, at the house I grew up  in.  Earth Day […]

Calling all nature lovers…We will be celebrating Earth Day on Monday, April 22nd!  I remember that as a child I always loved Earth Day, as we would come home from school with a baby pine tree to plant – one of which is still growing today, at the house I grew up  in.  Earth Day began in 1970, and was founded by Senator Nelson of Wisconsin, as a way to encourage support and participation in environmental programs that help us clean and protect the earth.

What can you do to help protect the earth while celebrating its rich resources?  There are so many ways to do your part to help protect our earth, and you can practice these things all year long, rather than just one day a year!  Volunteer for a cleanup crew, save energy by adding solar panels to your house, organize an educational event for your community, volunteer at your town greenhouse – make a fun new commitment with your family to do something every day to reduce your effect on the world we live in.

If you’re looking for some weekend fun ideas that incorporate Earth Day, we’ve got you covered with some really great DIY’s and products that your whole family will love…

When we talk about conserving our resources and saving the earth, often reusing and recycling are the first things that come to mind!  The above idea comes to us from Prudent Baby, an amazing mommy blog with some fabulous ideas and inspiration!  It’s a scrap-busint fabric bowl, which is made from leftover scraps of fabric, (less than a yard of fabric total), which are wrapped around a thick white piping cord or rope.  You simply tear your fabric into 1 inch strips and wrap them tightly around the rope until it is covered completely, (or until you wan to change fabrics).  Make sure you leave a long end of your fabric at the beginning so that you can begin tying your layers for security.  You then curl the end of the rope and keep it in a tight spiral as you wrap.  You continue this for about 6-8 wraps, until you have your desired bowl base size.  Then begin adding the outer edges by moving the rope up by about a 45 degree angle, alternating double and single wraps.  Once you get to the top, be sure to cut and burn the end of your rope so that it doesn’t fray or unravel.  Prudent Baby has an amazing photo and step-by-step tutorial for this amazing reuse & recycle project – check it out!

If you’re looking for a project to do with the kids this weekend, you’re going to love this Kid-Friendly Terrarium idea!  I was actually given a small terrarium for Christmas from a dear friend, which was made up of brown rocks, potting soil, mossy greens and a gorgeous purple plant, (with a dinosaur in the middle, of course)!  I am one of those people that kills plants just by looking at them, so when she first gave me the gift, I was a bit nervous.  The great thing about terrariums are that aside from being the cutest little mini planet in the world, they also don’t need buckets of sunlight or water.  I water my terrarium plant about once a week and in my office I am about as far away from windows as you can get.  It has grown from a small three-leaf plant to about twelve leafs now, and growing!

Makes and Takes.com posted this easy and fun kid-friendly terrarium idea, which I couldn’t wait to share with our readers, (and do with the kids)!  It’s so simple, mildly inexpensive and helps your kids learn about the earth while creating their own mini world of their own!  You can use any glass container you wish, whether you choose a jar, a fish bowl or simply a tall clear glass, (for inexpensive options, try yard sales, thrift shops or the dollar store).  You will need potting soil, rocks, a container, plants and fun plastic animals/dinosaurs for decorating.     If you’re concerned about which plants to use, try using a fern, spider plant or cactus, but make sure it is a small or baby plant.

Fill the terrarium container with about 1-2 inches of stones, and then cover with your potting soil, (you may want to do this project outside).  Place your plant in the center and surround with dirt, not forgetting to add your little plastic animal, of course!  Make it extra fun by taking pictures each week to see how your plant is changing!  After a couple of months you’ll be able to create an amazing flip book of your little growing plant!

Outside of reusing our materials and helping our earth to grow and flourish, the other important part about helping the earth is educating and encouraging others to do their part to help the earth!  One of my favorite InvitationBox products that we offer is the self-inking stamps from Noteworthy Collections.  One stamp base allows you to purchase and swap out as many stamp faces as you want.   They are great for use on promotional materials, envelopes for return address labels, book labels and so much more…

We featured the two stamps above, as they are the perfect way to encourage others to reduce, reuse, recycle, as well as keep the earth’s safety fresh in their minds.  Our globe stamp features an awesome reverse-ink style design of the world, which can be customized with your name, address, a fun worldly phrase or quote.  Our recycle stamp features the classic recycling symbol we all know and recognize so well.  Just think…if you added this stamp to your letters, letterhead or scrap papers, the one person who sees it might make the decision to pick up an extra piece of trash that day, or recycle a bottle rather than throwing it into the trash for convenience.

If everyone did one good thing for the environment each day, how would that affect our earth?  Do your part on Monday for Earth Day, and make a conscious effort to make every day Earth Day.  Afterall, we only have one earth – let’s make it flourish and last!

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