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Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

Wednesday, April 24th, 2013

If your Cinco de Mayo plans involve a bottle of extremely spicy hot sauce and a margarita in-hand, you’re not alone!  Cinco de Mayo is one of those holidays we all love to celebrate – everything from the amazing Spanish music to the decorations, the culture – oh and did we mention the food?!  Tacos, enchiladas, chips, chili peppers – and don’t forget the salsa!

We’ve found a few Cinco de Mayo party ideas to help spice up your Cinco de Mayo party…from some of the best bloggers around!

Chili Pepper Paper Pom: One of my favorite party accessory discoveries this year was the invention of the paper pom!  It’s a really simple party decoration that truly lights up the room, and it’s easy to do!  The folks over at Oh My Creative put an amazing Cinco de Mayo twist on this fabulous party design with a Chili Pepper Pom!  It’s made very similar to a traditional paper pom, with just a few changes!

What you’ll need: beading wire, green tissue paper, red tissue paper, scissors

Directions: Divide your red tissue paper into sets of 4 or 5, and make the largest layer about 9 inches square.  Make the next layer about ½ an inch smaller on each side, until your final squares are 4 inches square.  Accordion fold each layer of paper as one and round the two ends.  Cut a long piece of the wire in half and twist the ends together around each folded group, leaving about an inch between each layer.  Fluff your pom from the bottom up, which will fill in the one inch spaces you made with the wire.  Once you have reached the top, accordion fold the green tissue paper to create the top of the chili pepper, but don’t round the edges – just trim them slightly with square edges so that they look like spikes.  You’re left with a gorgeous chili pepper pom that looks like it was done by a professional, (don’t worry, we won’t tell)!  View the whole tutorial, (with photos), here!


Spicy Michelada Recipe: Bloody Marys always look cool to me, but I’m honestly not a huge tomato fan.  , This drink recipe has an amazing Spanish influence, while keeping the tomato to a minimum.  The bloggers over at Spoon Fork Bacon created this Spicy Michelada recipe while on a juice cleanse – it’s sure to add the spice you’ll need on Cinco de Mayo!

What you’ll need: honey, salt, paprika, cayenne, limes, light Mexican beer, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, soy sauce, jalapeno, cracked pepper

Directions: Mix the salt, paprika and cayenne on a plate.  Spread your honey very thin on a separate plate and dip the rim into the honey, followed by your salt mixture, to create your glass rim.  Fill with ice and set aside.  Fill your cocktail shaker with ice and all remaining ingredients, except for the jalapeno.  Once mixed, pour over your ice-filled glass and garnish with extra lime slices, black pepper and jalapenos.  To view the whole spice how-to, click here!


Piñata Cookies: Everyone loves a good cookie, but when it’s filled with a candy surprise in the center, you’ve really got my attention!  These Cinco de Mayo Piñata Cookies are made from sugar cookies, frosting and mini M&M’s, and they come to us from!  Caution…these little piñatas are overly colorful and addicting!  You’ve been warned!

What you’ll need: sugar, powdered sugar, butter, vegetable oil, eggs, cream of tartar, salt, almond extract, baking soda, flour, vanilla, mini M&M’s, milk

Directions: Create your dough by combining your sugars with the butter and beating in eggs and oil.  Add your dry ingredients at the end and then split your dough into five even sized balls (dyed with colors like blue, orange, yellow, purple and pink), and one smaller ball (black).  Layer the dough in a container that is the width of how large you want the donkey to be.  Start with the black layer and work your way up layering color after color.  Freeze overnight.  In the morning, slice the dough, which will quickly reveal your layers.  Bake them for 12 minutes at 350 degrees.  Cut your cookies into shape using a donkey cookie cutter in sets of three.  Two should be looking to the right, and one to the left.  Create a hidden pocket in the middle donkey, and cut off his ears and feet.  Use frosting as glue to adhere the back and middle layers together, and pour in your M&M’s.  Top with another spread of frosting and your cookie topper.  Delish!  For the step-by-step, click here!