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Time Saving Tips for Party Invitations

Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

As much as I don’t like to admit it, I am a horrible procrastinator.  I always feel like there’s more time then there really is or family and life obligations seem to take precedence, and then before I know it, my event is just a couple of weeks away and I’m scrambling trying to plan the perfect party!

If this sounds like you, we’re here to tell you that you’re not alone, and life can sometimes get in the way when we’re party planning on top of our already-filled schedule!  InvitationBox offers a couple of really cool features that will help you get your invitations chosen, ordered & in the mail before you know it!

Return Address Printing: We all have those ugly return address labels that we got free from some spam mailer that have little Christmas trees, stars, fruit or flowers on them.  They work great for sending your bills each day, (yes, I will use Christmas labels in May), however they don’t necessarily coordinate well with your baby shower invitation, wedding invitation or birthday party invitation.

When you order return address printing, you choose the address, font and font color you’d like us to use, and we’ll add it to the back flap of your envelope when printing your invitations.  We typically suggest choosing the same font and font color used on your invitations to create a coordinating and well-thought-out ensemble.  When your guests receive your invitation in the mail, they’ll start admiring you as a hostess before they even get to the beautiful invitation inside!

Front Address Printing: Have you ever seen an invitation come in the mail with mailing labels on the front of the envelope and just couldn’t help but cringe??  If so, your grandmother instilled these etiquette rules in you, and you should be proud, however on the other hand, your invitation sender likely didn’t have the time (or the hand strength) to write out 100 guest addresses on her envelopes.

Save yourself from hours of handwriting, and avoid tacky labels by ordering front address printing for your invitation envelopes!  When you select front address printing, you can immediately download an excel spreadsheet to your desktop to work on at your leisure.  Simply email your completed spreadsheet to our Customer Service Department whenever you have it ready.

Once we receive your spreadsheet, we will automatically print your guest addresses on the front of your envelopes, in the font chosen for your invitation, (unless otherwise specified)!  This way, not only is your invitation uniform and coordinating, but so are your envelopes!  Everything will be printed clear and concise to ensure proper delivery, and you can even select colored ink if you’d like, (for a small fee)!

Raise your hand if you’ve had to go to the card or paper store last-minute to buy more envelopes?!  Choosing front address printing now means that you no longer have to worry about messing up your envelopes with typos when you hand-write them!  We’ll make sure your addresses are complete and look correct after they’re printed, and we’ll also include any extras that you didn’t provide an address for.

While the big parts of party planning truly shape your party, it’s always the fine or small details that really make everything come together.  Give your invitation that little something extra by ordering return address & front address printing.  Not only will your invitations look put-together, our envelope printing services will also save you so much time!