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Find Us, Friend Us & See What Ibox is All About!

Monday, May 27th, 2013

If you weren’t busy uploading photos to instagram, spending hours browsing through pinterest or keeping up with the latest news from your friends on facebook, what would you be doing?  I have no idea either!  Where there are good and bad sides to our world’s growing technology trends, the best benefit to our social media channels is that you can now get to know the people you care about and businesses you patronize on a much deeper level.  Social media allows you to meet new people, share your ideas, gain knowledge from other friends and companies and create your own personal brand!  Whether you use outlets like facebook, twitter, pinterest or instagram for personal or business use, odds are, without it you might not have heard about that great 50% off sale at The Loft, or that your elementary school best friend just got engaged this past weekend, or learned how to make those amazing german chocolate cupcakes for your parents’ anniversary dinner.

One of the best perks about working at InviationBox is that we get to help you celebrate each of your milestone events each year, whether it’s the arrival of your baby, your wedding day, a 30th birthday party or a fresh start on your moving day.  Each day we hear so many different party ideas, themes and questions which  in-turn gives us amazing party planning expertise that we love to share!

If you aren’t following us yet, now is the time to find us on our social media channels, friend us, follow us and see what Ibox is all about!  From party planning tips to introductions of new product, DIY ideas, behind the scenes look at the people of Ibox, exclusive deals and coupons and more, you’ll instantly get an inside-view to the amazing world of InvitationBox!  Take a look…

Facebook Like us on facebook and you’ll instantly become an InvitationBox insider!  From posts on wedding/party ideas to exclusive coupons, notices about upcoming sales, special promotions and DIY projects, our facebook fans get it all!  We’ll also give you occasional inspiration to help you get through the week!


Instagram Our instagram page helps you get a bit of an ‘inside look’ at InvitationBox as we share with you photos from parties we’ve hosted, Ibox events, pet photos, favorite drinks, food ideas and lifestyle photos.  We also give our instagram followers exclusive coupons from time to time just for being amazing customers and fans!


PinterestNeed a little inspiration?  Our pinterest boards are filled with inspiration for your parties, events, nightly dinner, stationery, special interests…the list goes on!  We even have a board for animals and ideas that are just too cute not to pin/post!  If you’ve got a wedding or party idea that needs a few ideas or pick-me-ups, just let us know and we might just feature your party idea on our next board!


TwitterIt’s amazing what you can learn in just 140 characters of text!  Our Twitter followers receive fun party ideas, DIY projects and news about InvitationBox promotions all from a simple tweet!  If twitter is your sweet spot, you’ll love our Twitter posts.


Google + Need an idea for teacher’s day, your child’s birthday party dessert or your wedding day?  Our google+ page is full of fun daily inspiration, quotes, party/wedding ideas and promotions to make your day a little brighter.


At InvitationBox, we feel like the best ideas are those that are shared with our customers, fans, followers and readers!  So join us through one of our social media channels above, (or all!), and learn a little bit more about us, and let us learn a little bit more about you!  We can’t wait to share the party industry’s best ideas and promotions with you!