Stationery in the Digital World

There’s something so nostalgic about opening a letter from a dear friend, seeing the penmanship, the paper chosen for her correspondence and the message inside.  Your letter has traveled through towns, cities and possibly an airport to reach you, and it reminds us of a time when everything wasn’t so instant or at your fingertips.  A time when communicating was done through listening, self expression and craft.

In today’s ever-evolving social society, we’ve taken to technologically communicating with each other, be it by email, text, Twitter, Facebook or simply sharing a photo on Instagram.  We don’t even call each other anymore – because texting is so much easier, and we can text someone while performing our other daily tasks.  Since when did friends and family become a “second” in our lives?  Penmanship seems like a part of our past that is fading away rather quickly, which is why when someone takes the time to send a letter, a thank you note or a card today, it is so special to us.

Despite all of our tech-crazed habits, there are still people out there that actually write letters today.  You’ll find that older generations continue to write and send hand-written correspondence, be it a letter or a thank you note.  Perhaps it’s because they haven’t divulged into the world of internet, computers and smart phones, or they simply may prefer not to use something so non-personal as an email or a text, when communicating with a loved one.  This refreshing concept tells us that writing a letter to someone speaks volumes to the recipient because it’s personal, heartfelt and thoughtful.

Today’s modern world is ever-evolving, just as the stationery world.  What was popular years ago is not what you’ll find on the stationery shelves today…and it might just get you excited to pick up the pen and write the next time a friend sends a gift or does something special for you.  Traditional stationery featured white or ecru card stock, which was engraved or embossed.  It was simple, yet elegant, and completely fitting of the times.  Today, stationery is evolving into a world full of colorful card stocks, vibrant font colors and contemporary typography combinations that give off the essence of the stationery owner’s style.  When your recipient opens your card or letter, they will instantly know it’s you, just by the style of stationery chosen.  Letterpress printing with largely fibrous paper and digital printing with contrasting color usage are most often used today.  Your personal stationery should make you find excuses just to use it!

Can you remember the last time you received a card or a letter in the mail, and how special you felt as you opened the envelope to reveal the hand-written message inside?  Give this heartfelt gift to your best friend or a close family member and break the email cycle every once in a while!   You may just start a meaningful tradition of your own!

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